Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pinus Strobus

I live among these towering pines. I love them. Sometimes I feel very small when I walk past them. I like to notice them and breathe in deeply when their refreshing scent fills the air.

Lately, they have been dropping their needles... sending their golden arrows soaring to the ground. Sometimes the needles land softly in my hair, but mostly they land on the ground, making a blanket to keep their feet warm under the snow that will surely fall this winter.

I have read in a book by Euell Gibbons that you can make a tea out of the pine needles. I've never done that. But if I did, I would be getting a source of vitamins A and C.

I've also read that white pines used to be harvested and made into masts for ships. Sometimes I imagine these pines sailing out in the ocean, far from their homes in the mountains. I imagine the trees that were cut for ship masts must have been tall and straight.

When I was in elementary school we studied the Native American Indians. One of the things I learned about was how they measured how tall the trees were. I still use this method sometimes when no one is have walk a distance away from the tree, then stand - facing away from the tree- with your legs apart and bend over, and look under your legs and up...until you can see the top of the tree. If you cannot see the top of the tree then you have to find a different spot..but when you have found that spot, then you measure the distance from where you are to the base of the tree, and that will tell you the approximate height.

When I measure these pines, I figure them to be about 100 feet tall. The Mr. says he thinks they are about 80 feet. Either way, they seem like giants when you live under them. Unfortunately, we have noticed that one of them that is near to the cabin has died, and needs to be taken down...hopefully before it falls down!


Judy said...

We think alike. I took a very similar pic (check your email) I love looking at things from a different angle. A picture of you measuring the height made me laugh no wonder you do it when nobody is watching! Have a great day.

judy said...

The other day, I started taking pics of the tall white pines I walk under, funny. Maybe the smell is extra strong this time of year. I was taking pics of the bed of needles.

Judith said...

Me, too, Cyndy, I could send you a white pine photo too. What a splendid post you have written for the towering pines! We are surrounded by white pines and oaks, for the most part. Unfortunately, we have had to take some down due to the hazard they can be. When I first moved here, I thought the pines were dying when their needles turned yellow. I was so relieved to learn it is natural & now I look forward to the mellow yellow color they leave. They are lovely & peaceful in the snow too. Your pictures are fabulous!

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