Wednesday, October 18, 2006

cut length

Started working on the 5 foot triloom. I am weaving with cut-lengths, and have turned the loom to the side to make it easier.

The yarn was given to me in the form of roving...(thanks Judy) It is a blend of her goat's (Storm) mohair and Border Leicester and has a beautiful sheen to it with many different shades of gray, and a soft and lofty hand. It is pleasing to touch, and enjoyable to work with. I am also using some black Finn that I blended with my angora. It should be a soft shawl, and warm.

It rained most of yesterday. The woods smell fresh and like pine. We had our coal delivered (5 ton of pea), although I don't think we will use all of it this winter. It is getting more expensive and harder to get each year, so it does not hurt to get a little extra.

The black cohash has lost most of it's seed already, which is unusual to me, considering that last year it held it's seed throughout the winter.


Judy said...

I love the shawl, it should be heavenly. I have not worked on my looms in months, time and space keeps me from them. Knitting is just more portable!

Dawn said...

Love the colours of the shawl! Looking forward to viewing the finished project. :-)

Judith said...

The shawl is exquisite. Your juxtapositions, as always, are splendid.

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