Sunday, October 22, 2006

canopy leaves

This morning, just at dawn, we noticed these visitors had spent the night on the side lawn.

The squally weather these past few days has been stripping the leaves from the trees...(except for the oaks, they are holding strong.) While the canopy of leaves begins to disappear, summer secrets reveal themselves.

No Rhinebeck for me this year, and I am trying hard not to miss it. Work on the triloom continues, every once and a while I have a moment to add a few lengths. The wool has such a nice "cush factor"..the tactile experience is pleasurable! I am pondering the idea of brushing this shawl, an technique I have not yet tried. I'm thinking that the mohair and angora will make a nice halo if I do.


Judith said...

Just about all my fiber friends are at Rhinebeck this year. I thought I would go, but stayed behind. I'd love to go some year...maybe next? Oh, my, look at your deer! They look cozy. Great deer pictures, it isn't easy to get them on camera. I like what you are working on...

Spinner Gal said...

What beautiful deer. I just saw six mule deer going thru a field not to far from my house the other morning.

Your work on the triloom is coming along beautifully!

Marcy said...

Wonderful wonderful photos, Cyndy. Thanks! And, yes, absolutely give the shawl a light brushing. The bloom will be fabulous.

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