Tuesday, October 24, 2006

virgin's bower

This is what the virgin's bower looked like a few short months ago. I like this vine, it goes by several names. Traveler's joy, Old Man's beard...devils darning needle...It belongs to the Buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.

In summertime, it smells wonderful, and climbs all over other trees and shrubs along the riverrim. But this is the time of year that I enjoy it the most. And so I watch for it, and wait for it to bear it's fruit heads with it's long feathery plumes...is it any wonder that the spinner in me wants to try it out?

The weather today was gray and blustery. The color in the landscape is leaving and some trees are standing naked already. Last night I started an earflap hat, and almost finished it. I carried a strand of Icelandic and a strand of ummm...don't remember what it was...but it makes for a nice warm combo.


amanda said...

The VB flowers look so light and airy! And your stitch marker is lovely -- did you make it yourself?

Spinner Gal said...

What a pretty and feathery flower, I can see how you would want to spin it.

Cant wait to see the finished hat!

Cathy said...

The VB is lovely - I love the plant in any of it's phases.

Lovely knitting too!

Judith said...

You have identified a plant for me! Hallejuah. When I moved here I thought it was odd that Sweet Autumn Clematis was blooming in the summer on the stone wall & realized it couldn't be clematis, what was it?--now I know it is virgin's bower. I'll have to get out there and photograph it too.

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