Friday, September 15, 2006

falling leaves

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It has been raining most of the day, a soft misty rain that is making the garden bow down to the change of the season.  The weather tempts me to put on my muckers and go for a walk.  I am not enjoying dealing with the mounds of paper that clutter my mind as well as my workspace.
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I notice some wild turkeys outside my window.  I need some fresh air, and give into the urge to leave the numbers and letters for the peacefulness and freshness of the world outside my window.
The garden is drenched. I hear the river and the streams shushing,and the chipping of the yellow warblers that are eating the seed heads of various plants.  Each time I try to take their picture, they are gone. They are so small, and so busy all the time.
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When I returned to the house, I wanted to procrastinate even more...I knew I should be working on things that needed attention, but my hands were now cold and wanted the comfort of the angora/alpaca blend that I have been knitting.  This blend is so soft and warm.
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I am making the falling leaves scarf from Spindlicity.  I like the pattern, it is the second chart pattern that I have followed, and it moves quickly.  Even though the yarn has a nice halo, it still lends itself nicely to the pattern.  Maybe I'll have a cup of Earl Grey and knit a few repeats...rainy days slow me down.... 

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Leslie Shelor said...

Slowing down with the season is a good thing. Really! Lovely to be along on your walk and finish up with that soft knitting! And Welcome to the Fiber Femmes Web Ring!

Judy said...

The scarf is beautiful...are you keeping it for yourself or are you already thinking "the holidays are right around the corner" like I am?

Judith said...

Your procrastination is much more productive than mine. Friday's rain got in my way. I love the falling leaves scarf! What wonderful sounds you hear! Can I join you in a cuppa Earl Grey tea? Yes, rainy days slow me down, too! Great photos, Cyndy!

amanda said...

I love your photos -- they are so well composed!

Spinner Gal said...

Ah, rainy days are put there for a reason, I think. Sometimes we need to just "be" instead of "do".

Beautiful "Falling Leaves" Love that yarn.

And yes, on the beating of the dog hair yarn, I beat it sevearly, and still it would not bloom. It just wasnt ment to "be"!

judy said...

Cyndy, those pictures are fantastic. I too, curl up with a cup of Earl Grey . I can see I need to get that pattern. Very, very nice.

vanessa said...

cyndy, your blog is always so beautiful! happy 4th :-) i don't remember how i found your blog....

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