Friday, August 25, 2006

snubbing post

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I visited the snubbing post yesterday.  The ferns lined the towpath that I walked.
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A snubbing post is something that the canal boat ropes were tied to years ago.  Snubbing posts are an artifact, sitting by the river, watching time flow by.  They don't see much action anymore.  But sometimes I like to visit this one and reflect.
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Sometimes, I like to put my fingers into the places where the ropes wore the rock away.  I think about the differences between rock and rope, and how strong the ropes must have been.  I think about the person who made the rope.  I think about the fiber that was used, and wonder where it came from.
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I have started to card and spin up some of Lakota's wool.  Since there is not very much of it, I am blending it with some Alpaca to stretch the quantity.  After finishing up a pound of processed prepared roving, I am enjoying the rhythm of using my hand cards, spin some, card some and so on.  


Spinner Gal said...

What an interesting piece of history you have right there. Quite thought provoking.

Your fiber looks fantastic, cant wait to see it spun.

vanessa said...

beautiful post.

Judy said...

MaryAnn was here when I got on your blog and she got to see Lakota's fiber...made her day. I am stopping by today to drop off some elderberry juice for you to make jelly. If you are not there you now know where it came from!!!

Judith said...

The snubbing post reminds me of the old horse hitching posts left from long ago. Looking at them stops time and thoughts do reflect on the past. The ropes must have been very strong to leave the ridges in the stone. Lovely history fiber!

Leslie Shelor said...

That's a marvelous piece of history! Beautiful, too, in that setting.

Anonymous said...

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