Sunday, August 27, 2006

compare and contrast

I was reminiscing about why I started my blog today.  I was reading the first in a nine part series entitled
Garden Blog Pioneers Look Back--and Forward.  It is an interesting discussion going on over at Cold Climate Gardening.  Kathy has thought of a very creative way to celebrate her blogiversary.  You may want to go and check it out.
One of the things I love about blogging is that you can access the archives, and compare and contrast things that were going on from year to year. 
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While last year provided a bountiful harvest, this year it has not been possible to raise our garden.  Sometimes, life can throw you a curveball that hits you square in the chest, knocking the wind out of you.  We experienced a curveball this past spring, and so, had only just begun to lay plans for another growing season.  Our ideas and plans, like our seeds and seedlings never had a chance to take root.
Nature has had it's way in our garden this summer. It has remained untouched since May.  We (wade) walk in from time to time, and take what is offered from some of the early season crops that we had put in before May.  It has been at least 15 years since we skipped a growing season.  It feels so odd.  No fresh corn, no beans, no zinnias to warn me that the season is coming to a close.
Our garden this year has it own peculiar beauty...a hodgepodge of weeds and perennials with the occasional volunteer (tomato, sunflower etc.) reminder of gardens past.
The birds and the chipmunks have enjoyed our respite.  They have become accustomed to our absence, and have the nerve to scold us when we open the gate.
I find myself anticipating the first frost...something I always hope will be late...this year I hope will be early.  Let the frost take the garden, ......then we will begin the task of putting it back in order.


Brigid said...

We've had difficult growing conditions here in the UK: very cold, late spring followed by a blistering drought and now rain! So the allotment has been a bit disappointing, but that's gardening. There's always the next year to look forward to and plan for. Just think of good rest your soil has had!

Spinner Gal said...

I, also, didnt get in a garden this year. Too many other "life" things that got in the way.

There's always next year.

Cathy said...

Love the "magic" lilies - and think how you forget about the plant then there they are. Life always surprises you when you garden.

amanda said...

I love the optimism and the fact that you're already looking forward to next year's garden. I'm hoping for an early Fall today so maybe we should keep our fingers crossed!?

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