Wednesday, August 16, 2006

little bit more

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This fawn was born earlier this year, and has grown quite a fact, we have a nickname for her and her mother.  We call the mother "little bit"...and the fawn is "little bit more".  She joined me for coffee this morning...rather briefly.
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Last night around 11pm we had a visit from the bear.  I hear something outside, near the hemlock trees, and by the time I got downstairs and onto the deck with the flashlight, the bear had broken into the rabbit chow.  I grabbed the air horn, yelled at the bear to get out, and blew the horn several times.  He lumbered off. We elected not to go out and clean up after him until daylight when we would have the advantage. I have to lock everything in the basement, and get out the nail boards to put in front of the rabbit hutches.  One more thing to make chores a bit more time consuming.  I will have to do this now until a hard freeze.  I also have to soak a rag with ammonia to put inside the trash cans.  Hopefully this will discourage the bear from coming back.
On the way into town this morning, we passed a mother bear with three cubs.  I was glad that they were not in my backyard!  They were with 100 feet from the house.


Judith said...

That is a bummer. As much as I would appreciate bears...I wouldn't, if you know what I mean? Coyotes are enough for me. I love the fawns! I saw a few on the island last week. I like what you named them. Hope you don't get woken up tonight and have to sound the horn. How'd you get those photos? I tried last week to get deer, but had no luck.

Spinner Gal said...

How neat that you have a mom and baby living near you. Sadly, we dont get that kind of wildlife thru our yard.

Too bad about the bear. Hope he/she wont come back for a return visit.

Judy said...

Wildlife is sure stocking up hopefully this doesn't mean an early winter. Curt caught a possum in the garden trap trying to fatten up on the fruits of my labors. The possum played dead while he took the trap off and then Curt drove the possum up river (toward your house!!) and let it go. Jess saw a snake eating a toad and rescued the toad from the snake by pulling the toad by it's front legs(?) until she got it out of the snakes jaws and then she put it in the garden. She knows they do that but she wouldn't let it eat it in front of her. I guess the snake should find a better dinner plate than the front step next time!

judy said...

I saw twins the other day, still with their spots. Mama was off to the side eating in the bushes. I'm picking berries, mindful that berry time is bear time. The trees here are just starting to get n olive tone...oh my.

Dawn said...

Deer and bear ..... hmmmm .... sounds much like NS, though the deer here are not native. Lots of activity around your place lately!

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