Sunday, January 29, 2006

what?? no furnishings?

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When I made the change from water bottles to crocks, I noticed Jack starting to "wash" his face more often.  I tried keeping up with combing his furnishings out, but I noticed they were starting to matt.  Finally, I trimmed them off because I couldn't stand it anymore!  He does not look as distinguished as usual, but I think he is more comfortable....and I feel better about trimming those wads off!
This winter has been sorta weird with the warm spells, followed by freeze snaps.  I have wanted to clip Jack because it seems he is dropping coat like crazy.  I am afraid if I clip him, he will be too I have been making sure I comb, and comb, and comb some more.
Here is a basket full of combings.
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I also spent some time trimming off other areas where he was starting to matt (around his back end and on top of his back feet.)  He is such a good bunny with a tender and trusting heart.
Jack is two years old already.  He was born on Dec 9, 2003.  My husband brought him for me for Christmas, but we didn't bring him home until February of the following year.  I searched through some old photos to find this one of him.  It was his first day living along the riverrim.
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Claudia has a picture of Jack's mother (Liebchen) on her Bare Hare blog....(as well as a beautiful rabbit named Merry).  Maybe it is just me, but when I look at Liebchen, I see so much of Jack.  It is something in the eyes and face.  I never realized that rabbits could look so much like their kin...sorta like people.
There are many eagles along the river these days.  There are many "eagle watchers" as well.  I understand that the National Park shut work down on one of the local bridges, due to the fact that the eagles are pairing up for the breeding season.  I tried to get some good pictures today...but it started to rain, and they came out rather dark.  I noticed may immature eagles today...they do not have the white head yet.
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It is interesting to me that there are several groups tracking eagles with radio telemetry.
There have also been lots of seagulls flying over the river this week.  I think they are ringed-billed gulls that are feeding on Alewife.


Mel said...

Hey Cyn! Jack looks adorable - i am amazed at how much work it takes to keep him tidy, and how much fur is produced by your combing! I think you are the busiest person i know. FANTASTIC eagle picture! I can only imagine the thrill of seeing them in person.

I had to catch up on your previous entries. That fleece is incredible looking and i hope you will post a picture of the end result. Also, thanks to Judy for tagging you! I never knew (or more likely i had forgotten) you worked at the airport. At first i thought it said private security, lol! I couldnt picture you in one of those grey uniforms with a gun.

As usual, i enjoyed my visit here so much. Thanks.

cyndy said...

Hi Mel-

I admit to spending time with Jack, but I would NEVER call it work! I love fussing over him. The real credit goes to the gals who have MANY angoras (I stand in AWE of them)!

Ahem, "runway 22 clear for take off" do you remember?

...still working away on the BL, and will be sure to keep you updated on the progress...

Glad you could stop by!

Judith said...

Comfortable Jack! He is sweet. I have wondered what it would be like to live with a rabbit. I cannot get over the Eagle! Fabulous photo.

cyndy said...

Hi Judith!

I have found that Rabbits (much like Dogs) have their own personality types. There are also some (general) temperament differences (between the does and bucks). But they have their own little language to let you know when they are happy, and sometimes you get a good one (like Jack) that will tell you so.

Thank you for the compliment on the photo! Coming from you, that is a feather in my cap!!...(but not an eagle feather... mind you...there is a $$$$ hefty fine for that!)

claudia at countrywool said...

Jack looks fabulous! Liebchen and I wave hi :)

Leslie Shelor said...

Jack does look great, and you're right, the crosses do seem to share family characteristics, especially faces, seems to me. Each one does have a personality; the Germans are very different from the crosses.

If I have a rabbit that I need to shear in cold weather, I'll leave about 1/4 inch on the rabbit to keep him warm. Extra hay in the cage helps, too!

Spinner Gal said...

Aw your Jack is adorable! Wish mine were as sweet as he is!

Great pic of the eagle! We have areas around here too that they close down so they can hatch out their young. We had a pair of them fly over the house one day playing with each other. It was amazing to watch them.

judy said...

Beautiful, handsome Jack. I'd spend time with him, too. I am awed by the pic of the eagle. I've heard that there are some nesting near here, but I've never seen one up close.

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