Tuesday, January 24, 2006


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Yikes, I have been tagged by Judith!
It's a meme of fours....
Four jobs I've had
1. private airport secretary
2. book store
3. mortgage company
4. gallery/picture framer
Four movies I could watch over and over
1. The wizard of Oz
2. Fantasia
3. Waking Ned Devine
4. Marx Brothers Duck Soup
Four places I have lived
1. in the mountains
2. by the bay
3. in the city
4. in the suburbs
Four favorite t.v. shows
1. 24
2. Frontline
3. JH Stargazer
4. Modern Marvels
Four places I've been on Vacation
(vacation??  What's that??)
1. Niagara Falls
2. Kentucky (to see the moonbow's)
3. Grand Canyon
4. The Bahamian Islands
Four favorite foods
1. fresh picked peas
2. fresh picked corn
3. the first lettuce of the season
4. pie (any pie at all)
Four places I'd rather be right now
1. There's
2. no place
3. like
4. home
Four sites I visit daily
1. yahoo
2. google
3. weather
4. space weather
Four people to tag
2. Judy


Judith said...

Waking Ned Divine! I love that movie. I admit, it is fun to see what everyone divulges. Now I want a piece of pie!

cyndy said...

Yes Judith, it is a great movie to watch while eating pie!

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