Sunday, December 11, 2005

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Well, we have surpassed our monthly average snowfall the most recent storm dropped about 11 inches on us.  A good portion of the day on Friday was spent moving it out of the way.
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Still, as hard as it is shoveling it out of the designated pathways, it  looks beautiful when it falls off the trees in clumps and swirls. 
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Down at the confluence today, a few brave souls were fishing.  If you have your binoculars on, you can see the eagle sitting in the tree behind them....see it??...the eagle is smack dab in the middle of the tree.
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I have appropriated my sons music stand for use with my 3ft. triloom.
It works just fine, and allows me a more comfortable position while I weave.
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Decided to make a nice pot of pea soup today...and cannot help but think of silly rhymes.
Peas porridge hot..peas porridge the pot 9 days old....also...what did you have for breakfast? (pea soup)..what did you have for lunch? (pea soup)...what did you do all night?? (well, you see where this is going).  I like pea soup, and wonder why it got such a bad rap.


Dawn said...

Hi Cyndy,

Your pot of pea soup sounds lovely to me. It is the one meal my DH has always said that I was not to make. Says it was in our marriage contract. Funny ..... I don't remember signing any contract, nor do I remember even seeing one. {g}

cyndy said...

Hi Dawn,

My DH feels the same way about pea soup! It seems to be one of those "you either love it or hate it" type of things.

Make your pea soup while the DH is away sometime ;-)! (That's what I have to do!)

Judith said...

What fun your silly rhymes are--the links are worth a visit. We are up there with snow quota too. I find the 3 ft triloom fascinating! Pea soup! That'll keep you nice & warm. I like your snow photos--did your camera freeze while taking photos (mine did!).

cyndy said...

Hi Judith-

Glad you liked the links! (who woulda thunk it- there is a whole page devoted to soup joke!)
And yes my camera kept telling me the batteries were dead!

Leslie Shelor said...

When I was a teen I was invited to a friend's house for dinner. The menu: pea soup. Since I was raised right by my grandma, I managed to down a very generous bowl, relieved when the last spoonful was finally gone. Immediately my friend's mother cried, "Oh, you need some more!" and filled the bowl again! No one can ever say I didn't give the stuff a fair chance. Never again!

cyndy said...

Oh, that is funny Leslie! Like I say, people either love it or hate it...thanks for weighing in on the pea soup poll ;-)

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