Saturday, December 17, 2005

a state of coldness

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Things are really busy around the rim...the last two storms have kept us very active...just tending to chores takes more time out of the day when the elements are working against us.  Walking around has become a bit of a challenge...opening gates and keeping paths clear requires constant attention- due to frost heaves that have formed during the recent cold snap.
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I am busy working on last minute details for the Christmas season...and I don't want to show to many photos in the risk it may give something away...but here are a few sights from my world these days.
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The mornings are pretty frosty, and the riverrim is beautiful.  It is something that few people see early in the morning.  The warm waters of the river float up and hit the cold air, causing instant condensation, and therefore the vapors crystallize and fall along the edges of the riverbank.  Sometimes, it looks to me like I am inside a snow globe as the crystals fall slowly and float around on the vapor.  It is difficult to capture with a must be standing in the correct position for the light to find and reflect the beauty.  By the time the sun comes up the beauty is already melting away.  This phenomena only occurs when the air is colder than the water.
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My roosters decided to brave the weather, and came out for a walk today.
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Both of them have full beards and long saddles at this time of year.  The Aracuna is a breed that has what is called a pea comb...Pea Combs are a good thing in very cold weather.  They are not as susceptible to frost bite as a regular comb.
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I made my jelly this week.  I used Elderberry Juice (from my good neighbor!) that was frozen from this past summer.  This is the first time that I ever froze the juice and made jelly in the winter instead of August.  I have to say that I enjoyed it. It was pleasant to stand near the warm stove, and smell the fruit.  Usually, when I am making jelly in the summer...I am sweating over the stove and complaining about how hot the stove makes the house.  Also, the jelly was very clear, as any sediment was settled at the bottom of the container of juice.
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Well, back to work...'tis the season you know...


Anonymous said...

The snow globe effect on the riverrim sounds just amazing, I wish I could see it!


Dawn said...

Hi Cyndy,

Your riverrim description is lovely. I've seen it here on our brook. Never been out in the early morning cold to try and get some of those gorgeous shots. Guess I'll have to brave the cold one of these days.

Making your jelly now certainly is more appealing than during the summer heat, I would think.

Enjoyed your posting and your photos very much. Thank You!

cyndy said...

I think the correct scientific terminology for the snow crystals floating called "sublimation".... I wish I could look at the crystals under a microscope...I understand they are beautiful..
"Snow crystals are crystals of ice formed within the atmosphere at temperatures below freezing. This forms due to condensation of water vapor on a very small ice crystal or dust particle. This condensation does not hit a liquid state, it goes directly fr om water vapor to ice. This is known as sublimation. Water droplets can exist at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. When these droplets come in contact with tiny ice crystals, they began evaporating and freeze onto the crystals nuclei. The formation of these hexagonal structures of ice takes place in uniformity. If an excess of moisture is present in the atmosphere, the crystals change into snow crystals. Typical Snow crystals are see through like glass and are typically from .02 to .5 i nches in diameter. They can be examined best if gathered by a black cloth when the air temperature is at or below freezing."

Judith said...

I see your storms have kept you very busy. Your photos tell the story. Brave, handsome roosters! Brrrr! It must be incredible living where you live to see the world as if it is through a snow globe--I love that image of words. And the jelly...warm stove & good smell. PS The watering can--really nice!

cyndy said...

The watering can tattles on me...this fall I did not accomplish the usual list of chores for putting the garden to bed...and the snow started to fly early, and found me unprepared.

Leslie Shelor said...

Kitchen chores in the winter are so comforting! The Riverrim looks beautiful!

cyndy said...

yes Leslie, somedays I do find that chores can be a comfort!

judy said...

I too have frozen elderberry juice waiting for me. I love it mixed with seltzer water or with a white wine. But the smell of it as jelly on the stove sounds too good to pass up. Lovely photos of the roosters. Happy New Year!

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