Saturday, November 15, 2003

to blog or not to blog

Anyone here listen to Scott Simon on NPR ? He is one of those people who think that blogs are inane. In some ways they are. I guess it depends on the blog, or blogger for that matter.
Today was still cold and blustery. The black stars are becoming good layers and are picking up the pace....however...there is one drawback. They have discovered the bird feeder on the deck and fly up there and eat all the seed and then poop on the deck. This has to stop.
I spun a good amount of Finn wool today and will ply it tomorrow to exhaust the butternut dyebath. I really really like the color. It is a purplish (extremely faint purple almost rose) brown. I read that the confederate army used butternuts to dye the wool for the uniforms. That is why they called the soldiers "butternuts." I would love to see what they looked like in their time. I think the color has changed over time and now looks grey.
I had moved the triloom into the basement until after Christmas. Trouble with that was I got too cranky, so I brought it back upstairs and started a November loom. I am using a nice cardinal red colour against a grey tweed. Reminds me of the cardinals against the grey november landscape. It be winter folks!
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