Monday, November 10, 2003

crossing things off

FINALLY finished the October Triloom Weaving. Now I just have to full the shawl. This is only the 3rd shawl I have completed, and the 1st one on the new loom. I do like the larger loom much better. The size of the finished shawl is generous and cozy, however, it uses much more yarn and takes longer to weave. I did not fringe it while it was on the loom (I was much to anxious to take it off)...I have not decided if I will fringe it, perhaps I will just add a crochet edge.....humm...I guess I am not really FINISHED after all!
On the other hand, the pontiac safari now has a "new to you" radiator. Mark removed the old one, and put in the new old one. Works like a charm! Figured with the temps going into the teens lately that it was time. Thanks to Curt for looking out for us!

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