Saturday, November 08, 2003

fall is leaving

This past week, the big old oak tree out back dropped all of it leaves inside of 2 days! It was snowing leaves. They covered everything. They are so big and heavy that the leaf blower hardly works, and one must resort to raking them. I have been raking all week and now I am starting to see the ground again. Schwew! I have been wondering why the tree decided to drop all of its leaves at once. It reminded me of one of my chickens (Freckles). Freckles is a silver spangled hamberg. About 2 weeks ago she started laying these mini eggs....the smallest one sits in a a jellybean...anywey...I researched why she would be laying these mini eggs and I found out that sometimes this happens when a chicken is preparing to molt. Sure enough, she went into a molt, but it was not gradual like most of my other hens...she was like the mighty oak, and she dropped all her feathers at once! The feathers were everywhere inside the coop, and she looked pitiful. Now she just looks like a porcupine, as her feathers are just beginning to come in. Yes, I am reminded that it is fall...and with the forecasted temp for tomorrow, I would say that fall is leaving (would you believe they are telling us it will go into the teens?!) One more reminder! Oh, and speaking of reminders...tonight is the full lunar find a good seat, light the barbecue one last time and enjoy the show!

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