Thursday, October 30, 2003

to kraut or not to kraut

Thanks to the generosity of my good neighbor and friend and gardener extrodinaire, I found myself with a counter full of fresh picked cabbages! (There were potatoes to go with it too!) Now I had a I or do I not turn them into sauerkraut? I knew that I had trouble, as I have not replaced my old crock that has a crack in it. I tried messing around with lining it with plastic...but had visions of gallons of sauerkraut and broken pottery pieces on my kitchen floor. I opted out, and packed them in zip lock bags. We will eat fresh cabbage every Wed. for weeks to come! The river is running high and fast. It looks beautiful and sparkling against the blue skies we had today. It sounds so nice to fall asleep to these days. I am almost finished with my October Triloom Weaving.

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