Sunday, October 26, 2003

garden chores

With heavy rains expected tonight and tomorrow, today seemed like as good a day as any to get some garden chores accomplished. The garlic is in (that was easy)...and then I turned my hand to heavier work. Hubby helped me get the bonfire going, and we heaped up big piles of weed and spent morning glory vines on top of it. I cleared the tomato beds, and the bean beds, I lifted the cornstalk roots and raked up what was left of the peppers. Then I planted the winter rye. There are still a few more beds that will need doing. We are still harvesting broccoli and kale and cabbage, but the hard freeze will come eventually. The chickens really enjoyed the Quinoa...I was disappointed in it. As the sun started to set (all to early today), I raked around the outside garden path where the chickens had been kicking up the bark chips. I saw a beautiful walking stick...the biggest I have ever seen. It was on the fence post. It must have measured at least 9 inches! It was a grey brown color. A lady bug was walking all around it, but it did not move. I thought about catching it and bringing it indoors to show everyone, but was to busy. While I was researching it online, I was glad that I chose to let it be. Come to find out they can give you a defense spray that can cause temporary blindness!! WoW!

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