Sunday, October 09, 2016

walk with me wednesday

It was a golden walk today, so much yellow all around me.

In a few short weeks, the leaves will let go, and only the branches will hide the view of the river.

The wild carrot has finished out, and is wearing winter brown already...the flower heads, with their texture and line, inspire me to pick up a crowquill pen. Maybe later.

There is bittersweet growing where once, there was not. Friend or foe? I imagine the birds planted it. The female flowers, once fertilized, yield these yellow shelled (husks) fruit (arils), that will open soon, and the bright scarlet red berry seeds will be enjoyed by the Cardinals over the winter months. Quail and grouse (and my chickens) enjoy them too...and I've even seen the white-tail browse them. so. friend.

As I cross over the bridge, the wind picks up. I am glad I reached for my sweatshirt before I left the cabin. Looking up river, the sun shines in my eyes.

Looking down river, I notice the two little islands that first appeared a few years ago. They are growing bigger. With each storm and high water, they grow a bit more, soon they will be one.

I like to pause on the bridge, and watch the water pass beneath my feet. I stay until the wind becomes tiresome.

On the way home I find a favorite spot to sit and soak up a little sun. I listened to the fall warblers and played with the acorns in my pocket. Officially, the end of summer happened on the 22nd of September. I saved by goodbyes until today. Goodbye Summer! I will miss your warm days...


Lisa Greenbow said...

What a beautiful area you live in. I would feel so happy to live there as I am sure you do.

cyndy said...

It is a special place, and there are trade-offs, but it is my home.

Dawn said...

Hi ....... Just on my old blog Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost and reading a bit. I cannot get in to change my email addy there so it's lost to me other than reading. Am wondering, cyndy, if you read The Chestnut Pipe? Enjoyed your lovely pictures in this posting.

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