Tuesday, July 02, 2013

black-caps and white tails

She thinks I don't pay attention to what she is doing.

But, I see her, and I know what she has in mind to do.

During a brief moment of sunshine today, I noticed her. She dropped off her fawn for a nap in the meadow on the hillside.

... and then she takes a little nap, too. After a time, she decides she wants to eat a little snack.
The Black-caps are starting to ripen...they will do just fine.

Yum-Yum! That is what I named her.

Yum-Yum has been snacking on almost everything in my yard. I think she likes the variety that is available.

Don't forget to close the garden gate.  Yum-Yum has been leaving hoof-prints all around the fence!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That rascal. I am glad I don't have deer in my garden. They would think there is a smorgasbord here. Ha...

Iris said...

Love how you caught the swish of her tail.

Vlaďka Cepáková said...

I can´t see what you can. These animals are infrequent and timid in my country. You can come across only a roebuck. It is also a choosy creature. Like our goats or sheep :-) Don´t let go it to the garden!

Cathy said...


It amazes me how you are able to photograph the wildlife so well!

I have a red fox den close by - how I wish you were here to sit and watch them with me. Altho, I am sure your mind would be more on the spinnablity of the fox hair.

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