Sunday, June 30, 2013

muddy waters

It won't stop raining!

Going out to the garden to empty the rain gauge has become a daily chore. The rains keep coming and river keeps rising. It runs high and muddy brown. It rains while the sun shines. rain rain go away.

Hmmmmmmmm... mmmmmmm this song keeps playing round and round my head...

Today is, not like, any other DAYYYYYYY
This one is runnin, turn a darker shade of GREYYYY
What, will, I, have, left (tell me tell me)
(Somebody tell me now)
When, this, hard, rain's, gone awayyy
There is a safe place, that I used to KNOWWW-hohhhh
It's the only place, that I want to GOOOOOOO
Where, else, could, I (tell me tell me)
(Somebody tell me now)
'Til, this, hard, rain's, gone (ah-ah-away)

My garden is feeling the effects of too much rain. The plants hang their heads, looking water logged. The heavy downpours pounded my poor little flax patch. It went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

Too much rain gives me the blues.

So, it is almost July and where are the fawns? Normally, we see them around the end of May.

Memorial day is a good day for spotting fawns with spots.

This year, the first fawns are finally showing themselves while it is near the 4th of July. They must have been staying up on top of the mountain...out of the rain...under the ledges and the Hemlocks.

As a last minute decision (and a way to escape the indoor blues), I decided to join up for the Tour de Fleece again. My brother sent me a speedometer, that I have attached to my CPW! I am keeping track of my MPHs and the average distance as well as the yardage spun on this tour. I try to spin while watching the Tour de France race, and have started to work my way through an alpaca fleece, "Final Answer". Ironically, my last blanket from Finca Alta Vista.

Somehow the color of the fleece just looks the same as muddy waters to me.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor baby. I can understand your angst concerning the weather. We have had the coolest, rainiest June I ever remember. Crazy. My garden has been loving it though. It needed a good soaking after the drought last year. We are well watered now. I would also appreciate a week without rain. After the drought I hate to say anything more than that. The White River is out again, which means the Southern part of our county is flooded. Geez. I am glad we live on high ground. Hang in there. Your spinning does look like the river though. I know you will come up with something beautiful with that yarn. That will make you happy.

Vlaďka Cepáková said...

Oh! So much water! I´m with you. We had the same weather last few weeks. Water everywhere. Now is better. But so much insects suffer us, especialy mosquitoes. I wish you sunny days for you, your garden and your beautiful spinning. Greetings :-)

Judy said...

I am hoping this rain doesn't invite a blight. I just dumped 2.5 inches from the gauge since yesterday. If it continues and you are floating down the river in your canoe will ya pick me up off the tree I am riding? I will bring my own paddle!!!

d said...

I can sympathize with the rain, here in MN it has been nuts! Over one weekend I beleive we got 8.5 inches. I LOVE the colour of the Alpaca you are spinning. I hope your flax recovers, there is not enough flax in the world!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I wish everyone could just get the rain they need... :-/ Beautiful alpaca!

Cathy said...

Hope the flax makes it. I can't believe the amount of rain you've had.

Sneaky to get the daylily in the picture ;-). Love the alpaca. Love the photos. As always.

Did you check out Ply mag? I can't find a thing wrong with the first issue.

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