Friday, April 13, 2012

fusing flowers


Wanting to save some of the spring flowers from the Quince, Forsythia, Jonquils and Violets.....I decided to try using some silk fusion.


This was the first time I applied the technique to glass. I should have pressed the flowers ahead of time. The vase may be used for dry flowers only, so pussy willow stems seemed the perfect choice.


While I had originally intended to make a felted vessel and then apply the fusion, I decided to take a short cut and work with the glass vase instead. I like the luminosity it provides.


We are still experiencing light frost in the early morning hours. Luckily, the fruit trees have been keeping their blossoms closed. They were not tempted to open in those warm days we had a few weeks ago. The daffodils are open, some species are at least a month ahead of themselves. Blossoms that are normally open at Mother's Day are open now. Still no hummingbirds or Baltimore Oriels that arrive with the Quince blossoms that are at least- 2 weeks early.


Judy said...

very pretty and a reminder of this odd Spring. My nanking cherry bloomed like crazy and the frost didn't hurt it. My asparagus is starting to come up but like you said the apples are waiting. We need rain as working in the garden creates a dust bath!

Vlaďka said...

Your vase is beautiful. It is a very interesting technique. I know it only in combination with hand made paper.
You have got lovely Spring. Sometimes there is snowing and a little frost yet. But I thing it is OK for my garden.

Valerie said...

Wow, what an interesting application of silk fusion!! I love the end product.

Our spring has turned back to cool and somewhat dry. We had a bit of rain early this morning which the vegetation appreciated enormously. But we really need more. Perhaps through the T'storms that are in the sinuses seem to agree with the weather service, so they should be here soon.

elizabeth said...

That's so pretty! I dried flowers many years ago and they're still pressed in the book. Maybe someday I'll do something with them!

Manise said...

Great way to dry flowers and preserve them! Very cool! Our bloom schedule is all over the place. Our forsythia are on their 27th day of blooming- can't ever remember that before. The dafs are hanging in there too. The crab apple trees are starting to open, but I fear the Orioles will miss this and show up without any nectar left for them. Hoping later blooming apples will be avail to them upon arrival.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, this is GORGEOUS!

Cathy said...


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