Thursday, February 09, 2012

the big question

Designer Christien Meindertsma works with flax. She photographed a parcel of a flax field from above and incorporated the images of the process into the fabric itself. It is quite beautiful...esp the full screen view.

If you don't have time to watch, consider some of the things she says:

The Netherlands has quite a rich flax history.

The big question is if it's possible to make a product that is produced locally and the price normal people can afford.

I understand that it makes sense to make something where it's cheapest...but that is only from an economic perspective.

From another perspective, it makes sense to produce things locally, for why carry things across the globe?

Some, actually quite a few, are the last businesses of their kind.

There's only ONE hackling mill left, there are only a few spinning mills left. That also makes it special to meet all those people and to record what they do, as they may well be gone in ten years....because the entire industry has moved to China.

I wonder if the region will continue to grow the flax, and just have shipped to be processed in China? Seems sad to think of all the bees missing out on all those fields of flax flowers. What about biodiversity?

To see the collection visit Thomas


Sue said...

You always find the coolest videos. Thanks!

Cathy said...


I'll plant flax flowers this summer just for you.

elizabeth said...

I wonder if fiber enthusiasts will be the ones who keep the traditions alive, keep the mills running? it's nice to know that the art world, at least, appreciates and understands why we take bits of fluff and create useable objects.

cindy said...

Great video! Producing locally is so important. I hope she can help to save the spinning mill and flax mill.

I am posting this video on our RI Spinning Guild Yahoo list.

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