Thursday, December 08, 2011

sun catcher

Sunrise at 7:10 AM in direction 119° East-southeast East-southeast Sunset at 4:35 PM in direction 240° West-southwest West-southwest Duration of day: 9 hours, 25 minutes (53 seconds shorter than yesterday) Sun in south at 11:52 AM at altitude 27° above horizon


There were 53 less seconds of sunlight today. And we will be losing seconds of sunlight each day until the 21st of December. Have you noticed?

It is only a few minutes..but I am sensitive to lack of sunlight..and it feels like hours. I appreciate each second ..I wish I could bottle it.

Some days, the sun does not even come out. Today, it showed up ...just in time to go down at 4:00pm. Oh, I know you are saying the sun does not go down until 4:30 ...but I live in the river valley, and it goes behind the mountain at about 4pm. I had to walk fast to catch it.





at the very last, only the tree tops catch the light.


I've been lighting the candles indoors. It helps....

Photobucket does the moonlight!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful series of photos. I do notice the lack of light. It is amazing how ones spirits are lifted with the sunshine when it finally shows it's rays through the clouds. Poor Luna hates that I don't get out in the garden during the evening with her at this time of year. She just looks at me like "why not". I don't like to sit in the dark, cold garden. She doesn't understand. I can't explain it to her. I can't explain it to you very well. I would rather be curled up in my chair with an afghan on me reading a boook. Hasn't the moon been outstanding? Love seeing it. The clouds have been cooperative here.

Valerie said...

Our days have been very gray and short as well. But that moon on Wednesday night sure was glorious enough to wake me up!

Lovely post, Cyndy. Have you been following Lene's December posts about the length of days above the arctic circle in Finland?

thecrazysheeplady said...

What about the couple hours of day on dances with wool :-o

Pretty shots!

Cathy said...

Oh - I remember those days at the farm - but here the sky is clear and it's sunny. It's amazing the difference a location makes - from valley to prairie!

Did you see that magnificent lunar eclipse this morning? That sight will keep me going til the solstice, I think.

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