Wednesday, September 07, 2011

PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival


Dear Texas,
It rained all night long...and most of today. Down river, at the convergence...the muddy waters flow over the ice breakers.
Everything feels wet. And Damp.
I wish I could send this weather to you.
your friend, Pennsylvania

Keeping my fingers crossed for better weather this weekend, at the Pennsylvania Fiber Festival in the Endless Mountains.
I've been working on this year's offerings:


Sterling Silver Orifice Hooks for your spinning wheel.


and Diz and Threadhooks for your fiber preparation....


Stitch-markers for your knitting projects...because everyone knows your yarn has to match your stitch-markers...


and don't forget something for your spindle!
These wrist distaffs are made from my handspun linen and hemp, embellished with polished stones.

I will be located in booth 27&28 (same as last year)with Fred and Grace Hatton's Antique Spinning Wheels.... you may find me demonstrating on the Great Wheel, or demonstrating Supported Spindle Spinning, or just spinning on one of the Antique Wheels that will be for sale. If you have the chance, come on out to the festival and be sure to stop by and say hello!


Apple Jack Creek said...

Staring at my monitor, I said out loud "OHH those are GORGEOUS!"

All of it ... but the orifice hooks in particular.

I have something to add to my wish list now. :)

Valerie said...

Wish I could!

You have some gorgeous offerings there!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Best of luck with the weather. If you were over here you wouldn't have to worry about rain. :( You have beautiful offerings.

Sue said...

I wish I could go!

cindy said...

Love your letter to Texas! Hope your booth is visited often.

It's pouring this am in Little Rhody.

cathy said...

Lovely products - some day I will see them in person!!

elizabeth said...

It's all beautiful! I have to tell you, fiber lingo has improved my Scrabble games immensely. "Diz" and "ret" are recent contributions!

Jennifer said...

I love your wrist distaffs! They are beautiful.

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