Monday, July 11, 2011

taking the tour

Photobucket 22 Shetland Samples ready to spin

The Tour De Fleece is in full cycle, and I have joined several teams. Team Spindle Wheel, Team Antique Spinning Wheels aka Team Russian Underpants, and Team My Favorite Sheep. For my overall challenge, I have decided to spin all of my Shetland Samples over the twenty-two day span. It works out perfectly. I have approximately 22 samples to accomplish. The samples have been scoured and weighed and on average consist of approximately 2 ounces per sample. On days that the Tour de France is riding, I will be prepping and spinning a sample.

Photobucket Shetland Sample Moorit Lamb picked and drummed day6.

The best laid plans are subject to change. So far, there have been days that I have not had time to spin, so I just prep. And days that I haven't been able to get to a wheel, so I use a spindle. For the most part, I'm still in the race.

Photobucket Shetland Sample Moorit Lamb Great Wheel spun & plied day8.

When I finish a stage of spinning, I photograph my work and make notes about my time. Then I post it to my Team Group Thread on Ravelry. Some of the photographs of the yarn being made during the TdF are amazing..and I'm really happy to be participating in this, it is lots of fun!

Photobucket day 9~ Shetland “RiverBend Dahlia”~

For notes might look like this for day 9... 1.5 oz. woolen prep on handcards with long draw CPW spin = 2hr.&44min. ply singles = 40 min. 142yds. of 2ply @ 16 wpi total time = 3hr. 24min. 44 seconds

As part of my challenge, I am learning how to use and design an Excel Spread Sheet. My brother has been a wealth of information and help with formulas. He likes to ride, so he enjoys watching the Tour De France. I explained to him about the Tour De Fleece, and I asked him to help me create a spread sheet...he did ...And I LOVE my spreadsheet!

My brother separated it into: Stages Completed, Cumulative Prep & Spin Time, Cumulative Spin Time, Cumulative Yards Produced, Best Stage Total Time, Average Time Spinning per Stage, Average Time in Yards per Minute. For each Stage, I put in the data…(date, sheep sample name for the stage)…grab my stop watch and spin, spin, prep and spin! Each stage has its own spot for entering prep time, spin time, and yards produced per stage and total time of stage.


I’m using today’s “rest day” to enter data. I’m not finished yet…I have to wind and count yardage on the spindles that I did earlier in the week when I was away from home…but the yards are adding up. So far, I have over 500yds produced. (I forgot to tabulate for singles and ply…have to tweek that ….)

This spread sheet is part of my TdF challenge. Since I spin for commissioned work (mostly alpaca) I wanted a good way to keep accurate track of my time spent for each project. The excel spread sheet is the answer. It really helps me see where I can improve..or pick up the pace!

I thought the yellow he used was a nice touch ;-). He really is the best brother for helping me learn how to do this! Thanks K!


Valerie said...

Ooooh! what beautiful spinning!! Each batch of fiber is more beautiful than the last.

I understand everything except the upside down bell jar in the with the Moorit photos. Sun tea brewing maybe?

The spreadsheet is a great idea. I was just rummaging around in the stash cupboard today and have come to the conclusion that I need to be spinning daily to work my way through the accumulation. Yeah..well there's alot of other things I need to be doing daily too. Just keepin' my head above water (or wool...)

Looks like you are a real contender in this TDF!!

Anne said...

THAT is an awesome spreadsheet!

I need your brother. I am Excel phobic.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love the TdF. I love seeing what everyone is working on, the beautiful pictures, the getting stuff done, learning new things... :-D

Cathy said...

Oh - I've longed to see how it's going with all the Shetland samples. You did a wonderful job with Dahlia (I haven't even gotten to her yet!) and with the moorit lamb - isn't that an amazing little fleece?

Love love love the Excel spread sheet. Your bro is as much a gem as his sisters!!

elizabeth said...

You're so organized! I guess you have to live up to that spreadsheet, huh? :o)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh guys say the nicest things! 8^)


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