Wednesday, May 11, 2011

keep it a secret


The lilacs are blooming...the purples and the whites...the air is fresh and full of their perfume...careful, it can seduce you into taking long afternoon naps in the sun.

..but there is Rhubarb to harvest


...and skeins to wind off....


..wash- hang- and tag...another pound...another mile....


2297 yards of singles...translates to 1148.5 yards of a two ply that measures between 12 or 14 wraps to the inch.


but what is this?


do you know??....shushhhhh...keep it a secret!


Valerie said...

I love white lilacs...ours is not quite blooming yet. However I am very sensitive to lilac the allergic reaction is what puts me to sleep.

Love the blue/purple spun looks like a blend of lilac colors!

I'm guessing that the photo is retted flax?

Happy Spring!

cyndy said...

Yes...that pollen...puts me to sleep like the poppies in the wizard of OZ....and is also responsible for making my eye twitch! (never mind that the twitch could be I'm consuming xtra caffeine so I don't fall asleep)

Good guess on the retted flax, but no. That is hay...winter bedding for some critters...hint hint....

elizabeth said...

Whoa, did you get some sheep!!?!?!

cyndy said...

Good Heavens NO!

shoulda said ...critters that we already have..hint hint...

Anne said...

Sadly, we are SO dry here nothing has bloomed. Even the forsythia gave up trying. I think I've lost 2 of the 5 large shrubs in the back courtyard. :(

I suspect I might know!

cyndy said...

Awww...sry to hear that...the weather is all screwy...too much water on the Mississippi and you with not enough! probably guessed right cause you are keeping it a secret ;-)

Jody said...

Your CPW is so beautiful Cyndy. I must learn to spin nicely on mine....sigh :-)
Our lilacs are still waiting to bloom...they smell glorious don't they!
Are you getting angora rabbits?

cyndy said...

Thank you Jody!

Those CPW's are a lot of wheel, they can teach you a thing or two...and give you a challenge...but hang it there...they are worth it
btw..your spinning is always admired around here ;-)

The air is full of fragrance these days...apples, quince, bridal veil, lilacs, not to mention the spring wild really overwhelms me!

No, no more angora rabbits for me!...I love them dearly, but they are high maintenance, and I'm trying to downsize...although...there are some around here who think we should expand....hint hint ;-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Are there kittens in there? I love secrets. I will be very quiet if you tell me. I love the color of this yarn. Beautiful.

cyndy said...

Hi Lisa! kittens...our kitty is (ahem) fixed.

I'm glad you like the color of the yarn...I think it is a lot like a February morning sunrise.

pming you with the spoiler :-)

Cathy said...

Oh - love the yarn!!!

I'm thinking owl food but better in the hay rather than under the house... if I'm right about the ID of the little adorable faces.

cyndy said...

Hi Cathy!

OH...I hope not owl food! They decapitates them ya know, the horror!

I do not think you are correct about the ID there are not any adorable faces...yet..hint hint ....

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love the scent of lilacs. Unfortunately we don't have many lilac bushes here in Alabama. Occasionally I come across one on my morning walks and you can bet that I pause and take in their lovely scent.
Would that winter bedding be for horses?
Your spinning wheel is beautiful. I need to move mine out on the deck and do some spinning while we still have some decent weather.

cyndy said...

No, no horses (too many rocks around here!)... maybe another 12-14 days before I can reveal the secret that is hidden in the hay!

By all means, enjoy the spinning on the deck! It is my favorite place to spin!

Joanne said...

Broody chickens laying eggs in "safe" places?

That's my best guess!

Just saw your note on my blog--bambino as the word verification? Ha! Funny! Wonder what the correct plural is? Bambinos?

cyndy said...

Shhssssshhhh....a few more days and we will find out just how safe this place is! Good Guess!

And a few more days and we shall see your new bambinos too! Take care!


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