Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the earth sings

Sometimes, I study.

The Internet is such an amazing research tool. In an instant, I can locate the areas of my interest and access obscure materials, that years ago would have taken so long to obtain, if I even knew about them.

I really enjoy reading and learning about the history of certain things. .... Gardening, Flax, Spinning, and my own personal genealogy.

When I find a book, a video, or just a simple article that includes all of these things in one package, I get inspired. It is a good feeling when everything connects.

Karol Plicka directed a film in 1933. It was called zem spieva, The Earth Sings. When I watched it, it stirred up something deep inside of me. I watched the women work the flax, I thought of my great grandmother...and it made my heart sing.

The original film clip can be found here.

Besides showing the processing of flax, the film is a great piece of ethnography. I found two other clips from the 60 minute movie, that covers some customs and traditions. There are images of the Kroje as well..I can only imagine how things would look in color!


elizabeth said...

That is wild! All that work, and the handmade mill machinery - people really appreciated what they had/made then. You find the best things! Thanks for sharing!

Manise said...

Very cool! My phoebe returned 2 days ago- found her sunning herself in a tree in the wetland with her tail wagging and bobbing.

judy said...

What a wonderful film. After I watched your clip, it lead me to a cartoon, The Mole and the Chewing Gum. It too was wonderful. Reminded me of cartoons from my childhood, only much more beautifully done. I'm on to the next.. The Mole and the Transistor Set.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I had no idea this is how flax was done. Intersting.

Marcy said...

How weird and wonderful, Cyndy! Thank you. I can see how it would speak to you. ♥

Cathy said...

"It's all in the genes"

Wonderful how this has all come together.

Leslie Shelor said...

That's all so special! I love things that make me feel connected with the women who have walked the fiber path before me!

Mette said...

What a fantastic film.
Thanks for sharing.

Leigh said...

There are so many wonderful resources on the internet! Plus, thanks to the internet we can share what we find with one another. Who can beat that.

annmarie said...

what an awesome sight, all that flax stacked and standing to dry on the hillside!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous find! He sure had an eye for the beauty of the hillside of flaxstacks, clouds and mountains. Too bad he didn't show some actual spinning.
Loved your 2 handed spinning video! Reminded me of the rhythm of milking a cow. :-) Fun music, do you know the name of the tune?
Watching these flax movies makes me pine to spin and weave flax. Someday!

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