Tuesday, January 25, 2011

feets don't fail


At the slightest hint of an ice dam, the man of the house is out on the ladder with the roofraker.


He thinks nothing of the snow and ice beneath his feet, or the feet of the ladder...


...or for that matter...how many feet above the river he stands...


To calm my frazzled nerves I work on winding sock yarn for my next project. This is beautiful Berry Season from Serendipity Yarn and Roving that I picked up from my booth neighbor at the Endless Mountains fiber fest this past fall.


...putting my own feet to use in place of a swift my mind wanders..and I contemplate how many feet are in the 3 hundred and some odd yards that I am winding. I have been learning Excel and somehow, I suspect there is a formula for a spreadsheet for this too.


elizabeth said...

That looks scary, and also fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wouldn't be able to watch my man with that set-up either. Scary. Your feet though look like they are cozy. Love the color of this yarn. Stay warm...and safe.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'd definitely be looking to calm frazzled nerves too. Yikes! That yarn looks like just the prescription though. What a lovely colorway!

Mette said...

My feet tickled when I saw your DH on that ladder. Thank God for precious yarn to divert your thoughts.

Sharon said...

Hehehehe, this post is one I could have easily written myself. My hubby would do exactly the same thing (except we don't have ice or snow) he is pretty comfortable on ladders and up high (I'm not!!). I also use my feet instead of a swift!

I wonder what your weather has been like - has it been different this year? We have had a cool/mild and wet summer! Unheard of! The grass is still green and we have yet to get fire restrictions put on (usually in spring we are no longer allowed to burn off).... Strange summer its been - not that I"m complaining!

DebbieB said...

My guy is afraid of heights, so he'd have to hire someone to take care of that ice.

That yarn is beautiful!

Jody said...

My DH is also afraid of heights!
That is really pretty yarn...luv the colours:-)

Cathy said...

You gotta get the snow off from the outside before it comes through the roof - but it's always scary!

Love the sock colors!

PS my word verification is "eeeee" (minus a few letters).

Marcy said...

May I borrow your man and his equipment for a day or so? I've got me some ice dams that need some help. kthxbai.

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