Sunday, January 09, 2011

beggerwoman hat


Last week I worried when I could not find my earflap hat. The cold winds bite my ears, and I felt vulnerable going outside without it. I looked everywhere and finally decided that my only defense was to make another hat.


The lack of color in the world outside, makes me want lots of color inside. I select a pattern that calls for lots of colors. Dancing Stars Hat by Anne Carroll Gilmour. I do some stash diving in my handspun basket...add a few hours of knitting and va la!... presto!! hat!


Of course there were ends to weave in.

But I had it finished in time to wear for my walk down to the river today.


I've been watching the ice flows from my kitchen window, today I make time to look at them up close.


Be careful. The rocks are slippery and snow covered. Step with caution and be sure of your footing...don't drop the camera.


The ice flow formations are lovely, and the water glides gently past the rocks. The faster current channels stay open while the slower, still waters freeze up.


My new hat keeps me warm and I watch the ice flow by on its way to the larger tributary.


Curves lines and contrast of stone mirror curves lines and contrast of ice. River and rock reflect each other.


I have the moon and the stars around my head, and the world is my home.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrrrrrr it looks cold there too. Your hat looks warm and lively. Love the colors. Great job.

Manise said...

I love your hat! Beautifully colorful. It is awfully cold out there today! I wore my newish Habitat hat while walking my dog this afternoon. I would have had frostbitten ears and forehead without it. Jealous of your river. So much going on all year 'round. Ice flows are fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Valerie said...

What a beautiful hat!!
And so perfect for the weather we are having....10 degrees this morning.

Love the colors you chose.

Your river photo's reminded me of Beyond the Fields we Know

Mette said...

What a winter river. I love looking at the photos. We have thaw and it is not so delicate. Your hat is adorable.

Jody said...

Wow...what a great looking hat!
That does look like a beautiful but slippery spot Cyndy. Take care :-)

Judi said...

Lovely - the hat and the scenery both. Lyrical - the words you use to describe your experience.

Thank you.

fiberjoy said...

Thank you for sharing your clever, cheerful hat and the beautiful river walk.

DebbieB said...

That's a fantastic hat - queued it immediately. :) Stay warm, sweetie!

Cathy said...

Love love love your new hat!! Gorgeous as always.

And the river! What would I do without photos of your river to entertain me when it's too cold for me to go to the Cache La Poudre?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great hat!!! Love your river pictures too. Winter is wonderful for so many reasons :-).

finnsheep said...

Gorgeous hat! Your choice of colors really makes it terrific!

Sharon said...

I love the hat, its in my queque, but I'm yet to really try colourwork.... one day!

Your winter world is just so amazingly beautiful, I can't imagine you would ever get sick of taking photos of it. I LOVE the snow and ice (can you tell it doesn't snow where I live!!!). Our summer has been rather wet here, unseasonally, with floods up north. Quite tropical.

elizabeth said...

I just love your posts, they're like poetry. I love the hat too! I may have to copy you...

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and a lovely hat, too!

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