Tuesday, June 01, 2010

right on schedule


This years fawn makes an appearance today. Right on schedule. Seems you can set your clock by them. Memorial Day brings the fawns.


New born fawns are knee high to their mothers. So far, this one is coming around with mamma and another...yearling I think...the babysitter. The three of them are hanging together.


What a beautiful time of year to enter the world, with the roses and flags to great you...have a look at the fawn born last year..I'll wait.


Unfinished projects sit on the table with the roses..the scent is lovely. So fresh!


I'm almost ready to ply...on the spindles ... the last locks of Allspice (Alpaca), blended with cashmere. Work on woven stole is nearing completion....right on schedule...NOT!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

At least the deer are on schedule. What sweet looking creatures. This yarn looks so pretty. My Norli peas are blooming.

Valerie said...

So sweet!

Wow, I am really impressed with your Russian spindle spinning!

Judy said...

I haven't seen any fawns yet but the roses smell great while working in the garden.

Jody said...

The fawns are small aren't they. I always see alot of deer at my father's place up north. Your flowers look heavenly and so does that alpaca/cashmere. One of my favourite combinations :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Aw, what a wonderful way to mark time. Your spinning is lovely too. As always :-).

Cady May said...

Oh! such a lovely composition in the photo with the spindles, and lace and roses!!
The blue vase is perfect, the buttons too, maybe it is good that it is temporarily frozen in time (one way to look at not being "on time")at least for the photo op with the roses.

Marcy said...

Awwwww. I enjoy your annual fawns!

elizabeth said...

Those are the sweetest little fawns ever!!! And the alapaca cashmere looks too delite and fine to do anything with! You're so talented.

Leslie Shelor said...

I'm glad something is on schedule! Lovely photos and your spinning is superb!

annmarie said...

what a lovely thing to look forward to each year. I know a lot of people think of deer as a nuisance because of their gardens, but I can't help but be awed by them. :)

Mette said...

Thanks for your nice comment. Your photos are an ideal for me.

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