Thursday, May 06, 2010

extra hours


Spring is now in full swing, everyone and everything feels it. The young cockerel announces it several times a day and the songbirds agree.

The oriels have arrived, and the American Redstarts are back as well. Catbirds are late this year, along with the hummers...and we have not had a sighting yet.


Some of the late spring perennials bloom, while others are fading already. The sister to the cockerel hides behind the Bleeding Heart blossoms.


I've been making a point to get the eggs out of the henhouse early each day. I have 2 broody hens who keep looking around for eggs to set on. One of the hens has been sitting on a billiard ball for 2 weeks now! As a result, I have to collect the eggs before they find them. Part of my routine includes checking the asparagus patch and picking a few spears to add to the zip lock bag in the fridge. It is a leisurely task that I enjoy, as it gives me time to notice new sprouts of peas and lettuce and radishes that were recently planted.


A birthday gift of this beautiful support spindle by Fred Hatton holds a blend of Alpaca and Cashmere that will become the edge of the pashmina shawl/scarf that I am working on. Support spindling is one of my favorite things to these days. When I get a spare moment, I sneak off with one...maybe over a second cup of coffee a little after sunrise...or after supper on the deck..just before sunset.

BTW..sunset is happening as late as 8PM. This gives us a full fourteen hours of daylight to enjoy. Good thing, because there is a ton of work to be done around here! And it leaves little time to spin.


However, with something as enjoyable as sitting down to relax with spindle, it is easy to squeeze in a few minutes somewhere during the day...and it is amazing how quickly all those moments turn into yards!


judy said...

I had my first hummers yesterday. This morning it feels a lot cooler out there. Probably because I moved the big house plants outdoors yesterday also.

I didn't know Fred was making support spindles. Beautiful! Still on my list. Sounds like I missed your birthday. Hope it was a good one.

Sharon said...

Love the action shot of your rooster! I especially love your basket - I bet you made that! Love hand made baskets, so full of character. And your spinning of course. No matter how long the days, there never seems enough time for our hobbies!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love the photos of your chickens in with the spring flowers. There are a lot of people around here whining about how late the hummingbirds are this year. I wonder what happened to them.?? We don't have many around here for some reason. We have had two, which is usual but what is unusual they haven't been going to the feeder. They love the flowers blooming I guess. Beautiful spinner. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

cyndy said...

Hi Lisa-

I'm one of the whiners! Where are my humming birds, and what do they know that I don't? I've been keeping track of them for a long time...and they are usually punctual! Thanks for the BD wishes.

cyndy said...


Glad you like the cock-a-doodle-dooing ;-)

I didn't make the basket, I wish I did! Would love to take a class some day! Another hobby it would be hard to find time for!

cyndy said...

Judy, it is interesting that your hummers have shown up and I'm still waiting on mine!

I'm not sure if Fred is making spindles (I've sort of been begging for one from him for awhile!) You know how it is with spindles, always wanting another for the collection, er um, next project....

Manise said...

I love your chickens!

I think I may have finally heard a Baltimore Oriole yesterday and put out my halved oranges spiked on upside down tomato cages. I have had not a single bird at my feeders in back for well over 2 weeks maybe more. Chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows that were here all winter are gone. A few cardinals have eaten at another but rarely so. A male is back this morning with mating calls. I can hear a few finches in the trees calling "Weeee?" but can't see them. My woodpeckers (pileated, downy and hairy) have disappeared too. And where are my American goldfinches?? I find this concerning and unsettling.

cyndy said...


I too am worried..esp because of what is happening in the Gulf ...
I read this just the other day...

"Many North American summer songbirds fly nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico twice each year between their nesting grounds and wintering areas in Latin America. Most of the spring migrants, such as warblers, orioles, buntings, flycatchers and swallows, move across the gulf during a two-week period from late April to early May."

Valerie said...

Lovely spring post....this year spring really seems to be rushing along much like a spring river.

The chickens look so fresh (not to mention the eggs!)

Your Russian spindle spinning is advancing. Can you compare and contrast the two spindles you have?

cyndy said...

Hi Valerie-

Nothing quite like todays eggs today!

And yes, I am smitten with the Russian Support style spinning and can now see why and when to use it.

My first RSS came from Lisa Chan of Gripping Yarn, and is a beautiful dark Kingwood spindle that weighs approx one ounce and is almost 12 inches long. I am currently spinning Angora (rabbit) on that spindle.

My second spindle is made from Padauk wood, measures a little over 13 inches long and weighs a little over one ounce. I'm currently spinning a blend of Alpaca and Cashmere on that one.

I have a third one that I whittled in no way compares or contrasts with the others!

thecrazysheeplady said...

First hummingbird the other day and white clover starting to bloom. One late, one early...I think. Would know if I jotted some notes, eh? ;-)

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