Wednesday, April 14, 2010

never a dull moment


My tomato seedlings are getting too big to live inside, it is time for them to make the move to the outdoor the grow house, or home made greenhouse. My husband made a "house" out of "cast off" sliding glass doors. It serves as an over sized coldframe and is a great place to finish off plants before setting them out in the world to fend for themselves. Some critters (or maybe even the cat!) had been wintering over out there, and made a mess of things...pots were pushed over, trays upset..I had to do a big clean up before I could begin to pot the tomatoes. In the process of moving things, I uncovered this "resident" living in a six pack planter. Good thing I don't scare easily.


I carefully set the snake outside the greenhouse, so he could find a new home. I suggested the stone wall would be suitable. I told him to check it out, I would look the other way. But he seemed content to sit in the sun and enjoy the afternoon. Before long, the guard roo noticed him.


He sounded the alarm first (sounds like a horn honking call). He flapped his wings and knocked the six pack over. Then he used his, "I found something good to eat" cluck, and a few hens came by to check it out. They were not impressed.


Finally, they all wandered away... except for one Barred Rock hen, she stayed around and kept coming back to check on the snake. This one was just a bit too big to eat.


I finished up my work, and checked on the garter snake before walking back to the house, but he was still in the six pack. I guess it just isn't time for him to wake up yet. He didn't seem ready to find a new home.



Leigh said...

I love the idea for a greenhouse, I need one too, so you've given us another option to consider.

I love the story of the chickens too!

Manise said...

Oh yak on the snake no matter how wee and "cute". Shudder....... I would have shrieked and upset what remaining pots there were to get out of there. After a Jesus walk-on-air event to avoid stepping on a very large black snake at the age of 9, I have never been the same since with regards to them. Kind of too bad. The hair on the back of my arms are standing at attention as I type this. I ran into one in the lawn over the weekend- fortunately is was very, very small and just as horrified of me.

Love your greenhouse.

Laughingrat said...

What a pretty creature! I'm glad the story ended okay, I was afraid the chickens were going to eat him. I like snakes--little snakes too small to eat rats, of course. *grin*

elizabeth said...

He's so tiny! I'm glad he survived, he'll help keep pests under control!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an interesting find. I bet that black sixpack felt like a sauna in the sun. No wonder he didn't want to leave. Besides there were chickens out there wanting to eat him. Such good looking chickens too I might add.

Judy said...

I bet he headed back to the greenhouse when the sun started to go down...and the chickens back to the coop. You know I hate snakes but I do have to admit they are beautiful. Even more so when not near me!

The Gingerbread House said...

I don't care for snakes and I don't think they are cute!! I would win a race getting out of their way!...Maybe that's why God decided not to get me on a real farm...whew! just the thought finding one scares the be-jesus out of me...Ginny

Jennifer said...

I love snakes, especially garter snakes. I had one as a pet as a child. Her name was Flickers. (Of course!)

While cleaning up my flowerbed over the weekend, I disturbed three of them; one about this size and two quite larger. They all seemed quite content to stay where they were. I left them in peace. I'm glad you did too!

Sharon said...

Nice to hear of someone else who cares for snakes. Around here they killed on sight by most people. We were fortunate to find a little baby snake one day, the kids got to have a really close look at it - it was a cold day, the poor thing was out in the open. I don't think my chickens would have given it the same consideration we did though!

judy said...

we save snakes. it must have been so happy in the warmer glass house.

thecrazysheeplady said...

So did you put set his six pack sauna back in the greenhouse at the end of the day? :-)

Leslie Shelor said...

I was clearing out our garden and lifted up a metal tray to find a bemused mouse sitting under it. He had built a house on top of the ground there; guess it was warm, too. He just stared at me and then finally wandered down into a little deeper hole; paused and looked back at me. I'm afraid his days are numbered around our place with that attitude! Too many cats and snakes here.

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