Sunday, February 28, 2010

feb 2010 phenological events

Here are the notes for February of 2010

2nd six more weeks
3rd snow cover returns
12th porcupine returns
15th egg avalanche begins
23rd-26th big snowfall 20+ inches
28th-flock of bluebirds near bank

I've been collecting phenological notes for a few years now. It is interesting to go back over them and compare the results.

Here are the notes from February of 2009

6th- flocks of bluebirds
8th- 4 hens laying
9th- turkeys strut in the morning
20th- woodpeckers drilling
24th- porcupine still in hemlock
25th- snow cover off the garden
28th- frogs wake up

And the notes for February of 2008

1st - ice storm
11th - observed 26 eagles
in one area, 10-20 feet above
the river 13th - ice storm
23rd - 8" snow
25th - cutting blackberry canes
26th - observed 29 eagles
along river towpath

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is so much fun!!!

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