Wednesday, April 15, 2009

walk with me wed- greenhouse walks


"If you are looking for me, I'll be in the greenhouse".
My Brassicas are needing attention. Brassicas- rape, kale, broccoli..


See these little curly leaves? They are the secondary leaves. They are telling me that they are ready for transplanting..actually, they are screaming at me!


Each morning, I'm up at sunrise, taking the flats from inside (where it is not freezing) and transporting them out to the greenhouse. And each evening, they are taken inside again. It has been a cold spring, and I've had problems trying to harden off my seedlings. There has been some damping off.Warmer air with good circulation can improve the, I'm transporting the transplants...I am a slave to my brassicas.


On my trips to and fro, I make it a point to say hello to the daffs, which are always so cheerful and in fine spirit, despite the chilly winds we have had.

I'll have to make up a good batch of chamomile tea, as I recall, watering the plants with chamomile tea can be helpful in preventing the spread of damping off.

For those of you who pay attention to phenology notes, you will be interested to know that the ruby-crowned-kinglet arrived today...which is exactly the day he arrived in the year 2000. He moves so fast, I cannot capture him with my camera. Since poetry month is halfway over, I decided to write him a haiku:

flicking tiny wings
show me your scarlet jewel cap
ruby crown kinglet


pacalaga said...

broccoli sounds good to me! I think it's too late to plant it here.

Sharon said...

I have baby brassicas to care for too!!! Autumn (fall) here is a more typical time to plant them, than spring - summer is too hot for many vegies.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your slavish attention will bring you some good eating later. Love your haiku. We had a blue gray gnatcatcher in our garden the first time yesterday. whoooo hoooo. As you can imagine, no pictures of it.

Judy said...

I had sporadic results with my broccoli so I had to go buy more seed and re-do. I think I might have to re-seed some cabbage also...I never vented the greenhouse/watered them and fried some of them!

Lee said...

It's been so cold very few of our daffodils have bloomed. Lots of buds, but few blooms. Depressing.

Cathy said...

Nice backdrop to the daffodils. Nice haiku.

Good luck with the brassicas!

elizabeth said...

Damping off was always a problem when I used seed trays (for flowers - I've never been brave enough to grow veggies!), so I started planting directly in the ground and whatever lives, lives!

Leslie Shelor said...

I'm still waiting for the fellow to come and plow my garden so I can till it. So much wet weather!

Dawn said...

Lovely to see your daffies in bloom! Some of mine are still in the budding stage, and some have not even reached that stage yet. It's been such a cold, cold spring here this year .... :( .... Hopefully it will soon warm up.

Anonymous said...
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