Wednesday, January 28, 2009

walk with me wednesday


Have you noticed the trend? The light. We are gaining more each day. I notice it early in the mornings


It is the early day light...light that will shine its way into an April melt.


January has been an icy month around here.


You really have to look a little closer at all the white frost to find some beauty.


Tucked away under this rock is what looks (to me) like little white ferns. Winter moss.

Be warm. Try not to be too tired of winter, appreciate the beauty while it is here. Have patience for spring. I tell myself these things in the middle of another storm, another snow that ends with sleet....another trend.


elizabeth said...

Indeed! I notice the light more in the evenings, it's no longer pitch black when I go home.

Tina. said...

Um, do you drive in this stuff? Seriously I think it is beautiful as long as I don't have to go anywhere!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We just weathered a big two day storm here Cyndy. I must say I am happy to be stuck at home. We had to shovel our drive out twice and it still has an inch of ice on it. Mind you I am not complaining. I love snow. We don't get much of it normally. I believe we have at least 11 inches on the ground right now. The most snow in a decade they are saying.

I must say my poor Sister lives an hour drive south of here. They had ice and have been without power all day. She said the temp dropped 10 degrees in 12 hours. Brrr. If it does another drop they will have to go someplace warmer.

To answer your question, yes I have noticed the days getting longer. Whoooo hooo. Looking forward to some brighter days.

I love the photo of the ferny frost. I have never seen that kind of frost before.

Lynn said...

I'm noticing the extra light in the evenings, when I get out of work. I love it!

As for frost moss, I especially like it when the frost rings a small hole in the ground or in a rock wall; I always think it must be the moist breath of sleeping small mammals freezing around the opening.

Judy said...

Love the ice ferns! I notice the longer days at night as there is still some light when the man comes home from work. I got my first package of seeds in the mail in the middle of this storm!

Pat K said...

Lovely as ever.

judy said...

The light is changing. I see my morning inner clock changing a bit already.
Winter trifecta here today. By morning it should freeze up again and really be a skating rink.

Sharon said...

I am so hot, I feel like I would melt all your beautiful ice, oh how I wish I could somehow transport myself to your part of the world right now, we are having the 3rd day of above 40C (over 100F), and there is more comming.... how I wish for snow!!!

fiberjoy said...

Yes, the days are noticeably lengthening.

You have white furry branches! :-)

Manise said...

I liken the frost moss hanging from the rock to eyelet lace trim my mother used to put on my pinafore as a child. Our lovely fluffy snow has given way to a skating rink of thick ice and stiff trees. May the latter stay upright. Yes, the days are getting longer. I saw the sun rise like huge reddish-orange gun drop while driving my middle child to school this morning- a visual treat. Spring will eventually be here.

Manise said...

Um, that's supposed to be "gum drop"! Need more caffeine.....

Tam said...

Yes the river is very pretty right now even though it's nasty cold outside...beautiful pics Cyndy!

Cathy said...

It won't be long - Feb 2nd is halfway.

Owls are hooting on my rooftop!!!

Leslie Shelor said...

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful world....wish we'd get some snow here. You've been nominated over at the top of Squirrel Spur!

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