Monday, November 17, 2008

an FO over the phone

Have you ever tried to help someone knit over the phone? My mother has been trying to knit a pair of mitts for her Doc. She ordered the pattern and yarn from the fall 2008 KnitPicks mag. I told her I would help her out if she hit a spot that she couldn't do. I figured I should knit along, so I copied the pattern when I was visiting with her.


These are "Negative Space Mitts" from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Mclanson. I used some hand-dyed handspun thick and thin superwash that I had in my stash. The book write up states that it is "ideal for beginning knitters"...hummm...this pattern features a provisional cast on and an I-cord BO with Applied BO over 5 needles. I would say those stitches are not exactly for beginners. Needless to say, my mother has hit some tough spots, but we have been working them out over the phone. This has proven to be an exercise in my communication skills.


My mother is frustrated. She is at the point of the I-cord close ... The negative space mitts are quickly becoming the negative vibe project. I told her to set them aside. Knitting should be enjoyable, not frustrating. She will pick them up again when she is ready, and I will cheer her on--and they will be finished someday.


Meanwhile, I have finished mine. They are a bit, unusual in their appearance. I have been using them as work mitts and walking mitts. I'm not thrilled with them, they are just OK.


I wore them into the garden when I picked the broccoli. The broccoli is still coming in nicely. I am leaving some to seed up for sprouting over the winter, the sprouts are a nice addition to salads. There are lots of flowers that I add to the salads now.


I took the mitts off when I pulled the carrots. The carrots are some of the best I've ever grown. They are so sweet and tender. We have been enjoying carrots almost every other day.

One reminder to self--fall broccoli needs to be checked for cabbage moth worms...see photo..


..during the summer, I set up homes for the wasps. They move in and patrol my broccoli patch...flying off with the worms. The wasps have long since disappeared to where ever wasps go in the winter....leaving the cabbage moth worms to multiply and munch my broccoli. A good salt water rinse removes them prior to steaming.


elizabeth said...

Those carrots look great!

Is your mom internet savvy? Could you set up a live-feed camera for your lessons?

Manise said...

Looks like you have a plateful of wringling protein there!:-) Thanks for the info on using wasps as a good predator for the caterpillars.

Maybe your mom should try a more beginner friendly mitten and come back to those once she has more knitting experience under her belt. You're right. Those mittens kind of odd-ish.

Judy said...

They don't sound like befinner to me either. Those mittens are almost the color of your garden pickings. My broccoli has long since been pulled but I did learn the wasp trick from you. My mother foo-fooed the idea until she saw those wasps doing their job and then she became and convert!

vanessa said...

hmm, that's enough to put off a beginner.
lucky for your mom, she has you!

Anonymous said...

I'd say a provisional cast-on pushes that pattern to intermediate, and the i-cord bindoff definitely puts it smack dab in the middle of intermediate. Beginner stuff should have a simple cast-on, knits and purls, and a normal bind-off. Picot maybe for advanced beginners, but wow.

Your mittens turned out rather nice, but that is entirely not a beginner project.

You're a good daughter to help your mom with that kind of thing over the phone. I usually send mine to

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the looks of your mittens Cyndy. I guess if they were on my hands I could feel what you don't like about them as I cannot see what you don't like.

Those carrots look yummy as does the broccoli.

judy said...

I'd like to know more about the wasps. This year I didn't have any cabbage worms until September and then very few. I think the constant rain discouraged the moths.

Dawn said...

Yummy looking veggies there! Love the colours of your mitts!

Tam said...

I have yet to make mittens but now I know to stay away from that pattern! I like your mittens though. Next year I'll be sure to invite the wasps into my garden, thanks for the tip. :D

Joanne said...

We have lots of cabbage moths here! I'm thinking I'll try that salt water rinse on my broccoli. I have (oops) unfortunately cooked broccoli with moths (protein) in the past. It was too much protein. We had to compost it!

elise said...

I remember the first time I grew broccoli and did not know about those worms. I cooked it and even started to eat it....yuck! I have only half heartedly tried to grow broccoli since then! I've never really been successful but I don't think I really tried...maybe unconciously killed it off. I was happy to read about the salt water solution. Maybe next year I'll try harder. I do still eat store bought broccoli.

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