Thursday, November 06, 2008

banking miracles


As I look around my kitchen, I see various collections of seeds...seeds to be banked. They are not organized and they are in all stages of curing.


Some sit on wax paper, others in bowls still contained within the fruit that bore them. Some linger on the windowsill, and others are on the fence in the garden, drying in the sun.


If you are not a gardener, you may think this is an odd arrangement- dried bits hanging around on the counter tops and windows etc, but to me the seeds are as much a part of my future, as they have been of my past. I like looking at them, and thinking about them.


November has arrived and another season of growth is complete...I harvest another generation of plants whose fruit has been chosen for flavor, or bearing or size.


...Some of these have been with me for a decade...carefully selected and set aside for the years to come. Seeds that contain hidden promises, waiting for their season...encapsulated... little miracles of life.


Today I put some of them in my seed bank. Since I have been doing this for many years, I have produced certain seeds that are very well suited to my garden and soil and climate. No company could ever produce seeds like these. To me, they are priceless. Miracles to put in the bank.


Manise said...

What are seeds at the top? At first I thought that they were cardamon, but they aren't. Nice seed bank collection you have.

KnitChick said...

Beautiful! Your dedication to this is amazing to me. And inspiring as well.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a true gardener Cyndy. You are mighty rich with all this in the bank.

Judy said...

So is your garden completely done now? I let the chickens into the greenhouse garden thinking there was nothing in there for them to hurt...they almost took out my lovage!

Cathy said...

Very true on many accounts - and I love, as always, your photography.

elizabeth said...

Wonderful post. Seeds hold so much promise, I love them too. What are the fabulous yellow seeds in the fourth picture down?

The Gingerbread House said...

Cyndy, you are an inspration, makes me wish I had done a better job saving my vegetable seeds last year. This year we didn't have a crop of them worth saving....the flowers did well (Marigolds).

Joanne said...

Your post reminds me of how rich a garden makes a gardener! Thank you for such wonderful images. My husband used to be a fabulous seed saver; I must encourage him to explore this again in next year's garden, wherever it will end up being!

fiberjoy said...

I'd never thought about generations of seeds from one bit of soil becoming a match for that plot. Makes me rethink my laziness in procuring seeds from sellers.

finnsheep said...

Wonderful photos, as always!
Your love of gardening shows.

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