Friday, October 03, 2008

things to study


Today was a crisp day. It started out overcast and dusky grey. There are a few whitetail that, lately, have taken to bedding down in the side yard. They offer a good study.


If only there were not so many things that need doing. I'd take out a few pencils and few sheets of paper, and spend some time with them.


I take out my camera instead. It's quick, but not as relaxing as a pencil would be.


My hyacinth beans are finally forming seed pods. I was worried the frost would take them before I would have any seed to save for next year. They provide some of the last color in the garden. The violets and purples close out the year in my garden.


Grandpa Ott..(as promised for Cathy)


Most of the color now is overhead. In the next few weeks, it will peak and fade and finally fall to the ground.

Cutting the corn stalks down and making a shock or shook- is on the top of the to do list. I left several ears on the stalks, again, for my seed bank. But today, I discover that something else has been helping itself to my bank.


Speaking of my bank...pardon me whilst I sing a few verses ... " O The Wells Fargo Wagon is a 'comin yander...."

And has anyone else noticed that in sec. 325 of the Great Bailout Bill, 148 million has been marked for wool research?


pacalaga said...

Wool research?! FINALLY an earmark I can get behind!

Gertieanne said...

I envy your surroundings, do you adopt fellow spinners? If so you can adopt me, teach me all the things you know about gardening etc… I would love to have deer bed down in my yard, how amazing is that?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wool research...I didn't notice that. I wonder what else is in there?

Loved seeing the deer. Maybe they are the ones getting into the seed bank??

Anne said...

I noticed that - not only for research but for "advancement". Whatever that is. How totally odd is that?

Anne said...

I noticed that - not only for research but for "advancement". Whatever that is. How totally odd is that?

judy said...

I hadn't seen where the pork was allotted yet. Do you suppose they are looking for researchers?

Valerie said...

Wool research & advancement. I heard that on NPR too. Wondered if it was because we are being fleeced...or if the wool is for pulling over our eyes.

The times create the cynicism.

Lynn said...

Wool research works for me.

The leaves are just beginning to turn here. In the pharmacy parking lot, I found a cold underwing moth and escorted it out of traffic. Winter really is coming on.

Cathy said...

Grandpa Ott resembles the nameless morning glories I have. I need to gather some of those seeds - mine may have a bit more blue in them.

Pat K said...
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Pat K said...

I'm playing Bloglines catch up and have been enjoying your posts. It fills me with such joy to see autumn colors spreading their way across the blog universe. Interesting spinning posts; I spun some flax once many years ago. I just remember that I didn't enjoy it. Have you got any knitting going on?

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