Thursday, July 31, 2008

walk with me wednesday, the path

Photobucket Stargazer Lily

I have no photograph to show you of the large rattlesnake that was in the path. It was at least a yard long. It was fat. And it was on it's way to the river. The image of it is in my memory.

My walking partner suggested we kill it. I disagreed. It was in our path. When something is in your path, you must decide what to do. Do you remove it? (if you can...) Do you choose another path, go around it? (if you can....)Do you stand there, indecisive, and allow it to deal with you?

Life hands you some pretty difficult choices along the my mind, it is all about how you choose to deal with what is in your path.

Photobucket Skipper

Rattlesnakes are protected around here. Besides the fact that I wouldn't go against the laws of the land, rattlesnakes have their place in the universe. Not wanting to upset the balance of the universe, I wanted to leave well enough alone.


Years ago, my walking partner and I came across another rattlesnake in our path. It shot venom at us...from six feet away. We did kill that one...rattlesnakes were not protected in those days.

Yesterday, the rattlesnake that was in our path, slithered away and into the weeds, on his own path...down to river. I figure, we are even now.


elizabeth said...

I wouldn't begin to know how to go about killing a rattlesnake, and I'm fine with that! Although I dread the day when we encounter a snake on the trail that won't budge, without suitable footing to skirt around it.

Beautiful pictures - I can smell that lily from here!

Cathy said...

My comment got lost somewhere - but I hated to kill any snakes. I had to kill some black snakes at the farm coz they would live on the enclosed back porch, eat skinks and sleep in the dogs bed. That didn't go over well!

KnitChick said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a bit of a scary bump in the path, but I guess those happen, don't they. Glad to hear he chose the peaceful way out.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You were right in not killing the snake. It didn't mean any harm. It was just cruising on an easily navigated path.

We should all stop and think about the right thing to do before we proceed down the path. Hopefully we choose the correct path.

knitting dragonfly said...

Beautiful pics, I also will not kill a snake. Usually they are more afraid of you and will give you a chance to escape.

Pat K said...

Numerous years ago, Joe and my dad were out golfing. Dad hit the ball, and found it a few minutes later right next to a massive rattlesnake. Needless to say, the snake got to keep the ball.

Anonymous said...

Shudder. I'm not sure what my inclination would have been though most likely to let it go its way without hindrance. Makes me very thankful that rattlers are extremely rare around here.

The picture SKipper is stunning.

judy said...

The fact that the snake was fat, probably shows that he was out working for you keeping the critter population down. I would give the snake wide berth and respect. Generally, they do the same.

Your shot of the skipper is gorgeous! Amazing detail.

MollyBeees said...

I too have always believed that it's all in how you deal with what in your path. I'm dealing with a rattlesnake in my path right now and this belief has never been more appropriate. Thanks for this post. It hit the nail on the head for me today!

Beth S. said...

That is a SCARY story, and an important reminder that the woods aren't just sunshine and spotted fawns. Yikes!

Leslie said...

What a belated comment - I'm catching up on some very overdue blog-reading. We leave snakes alone, too, except for copperheads.

Your photos are always a delight but this particular post is unreal. The skipper in particular is just breathtaking. I love the way the light shimmers through its wings, and the way the echinacea glows. Those sharp warm colors against the brilliant green background are a treat for the eyes. Just a fabulous photo, in every respect.

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