Tuesday, March 11, 2008

after the turbulence


after the turbulence,things are settling down, the waters recede.


but the traces of the commotion and disturbance of the waters remain behind...I find the consequences along the shoreline.


Can there be beauty in such images?


When the air temperature is low, and the water levels drop, there are ice formations that are created by the water dripping off the surrounding vegetation.


if it were not so cold and windy, I would sit in this spot and stare at the water playing with these ice sculptures for a time...and contemplate....'cause every now and again, a soul needs a good contemplation.


KnitChick said...

Beautiful!! After seeing so many ponds, lakes, creeks, and rivers nearly dried up, huge parts of the beds exposed, etc, there's something primitive and refreshing about seeing the frigid rushing water of your river. I'm shivering just sitting here!

And yes, I think that there can be beauty in death and decay. There is sadness, but also beauty. Was there a recent event that may have caused the fishkill, or just winter in general?

Beth S. said...

The ice is very beautiful, but that poor little fish...! :-(

Judy said...

You and I are too much alike sometimes. On the way to go get sick #2 daughter from school, I saw the ice "bell's" hanging from the branches below Grams. I thought of going and taking a pic and listen to them play but figured I would be a better mother if I went and got her!!

Sharon said...

Your photos are amazing, must be a very fascinating time around your place. Spring around here isn't so dramatic!

cindy said...

Thank you for the time to contemplate!

Pat K said...

That is a fast moving river! Beautiful pictures of the ice.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Some hungry critter will be delighted to find that fish along the bank.

Your photos are good. I love the icicles.

DebbieB said...

Cyndy, thank you for the video - the sound of a river running is my most favorite sound of all.

Donna B said...

Your ice formations are lovely and so is the sound of the water.

Hope your computer is up and running soon!

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