Monday, December 17, 2007

short days

The weather continues to be the main topic around here, winter is arriving early. Night before last, the wind blew and the ice pelted against the windows. It surely would have hurt if it was against the skin. By morning the ice turned to snow and then back to ice, and then back to snow.

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This weather is hard on the animals..I noticed the deer sleeping under the pines as I went out to check on the hens this morning. There is not as much snow on the ground under the pines...a good place to find shelter.

As I open the henhouse door, the glare of first light catches the frost on the panes of glass.

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Beauty in unlikely places.

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The chickens did not appreciate it. They took one look at the snow and ice, and decided to stay inside today. I have given them some squash and pumpkins to peck at - to keep them entertained. Chickens are very busy creatures, always scratching, looking for something to eat...they get bored easily during snow storms. I also gave them warm milk soaked bread with a few raisins.

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I finished the mittens, they will be given to charity. They are nice and warm and soft. I put the angora trim on with the crochet hook, and I'm not happy with the results. Next time, it would be better to start the cuff with the angora, perhaps knitting a few rows of garter stitch in it first.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just seeing those frosted windows makes me want to put on those warm looking mittens. Very nice mittens.

Your poor chickens will have barn fever by the time all that snow melts.

The frozen glass looks absolutely beautiful. What an interesting pattern.

Donna B said...

You caught the henhouse ice moment beautifully...may your chickens be happily entertained with their pumpkin!

I bet whoever gets those mittens will just treasure that bit of angora on the cuff.

Dawn said...

Beauty in the ordinary things in life ...... gives me a comforting feeling ...... Thank you ...

judy said...

The idea that you have to provide entertainment for your chickens made me smile as much as the lovely frost shots.

FinA said...

your photos of the falling snow and ice are spectacular. thanks for sharing them!

Pat K said...

The ice on the windows made me think of feathers. How appropriate for a chicken house! Poor birdies stuck inside!

Sharon said...

The frosted windows look amazing!

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