Monday, November 26, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket opening day of deer season, and there is a sense of fear around the riverrim.

the woods don't usually make me fearful, I love the woods. How can you be fearful of something you love? I guess I'm fearful for what is happening in the woods... today, there is danger involved.

I heard a few cars go up the mountain early this morning. The hunters around here are good people, good neighbors. They are careful, respectful people. I worry for them in the fog, and the rain. Will they be able to see what they are shooting? I am as worried for the hunters, as I am for the hunted.

Fear makes a heart pound. I know the deer are fearful today. They sense the impending perile, the hunters in their woods. The air is as thick with anxiety as it is with the fog. I can imagine the heartbeats and and hear the hoofbeats as they run past. Adrenaline flows. There is stress.

All day, I wonder about my friends in the woods. I hear no shots. Good. Just before dark, I see a sign. I am glad, he's still here, a bit far away, but he made it and I can now try to relax and not be so fearful.

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Judy said...

I haven't heard a single shot today either. I have a five pointer with a broken antler that I am on the look out for.

Dawn said...

This is the last week of the rifle season for deer here. Next week is another week of being open for bow hunting; then deer hunting is over for the year. Our whitetail deer are not native to NS. They are descendants of imports from the US ..... like some of we humans here in NS.

judy said...

There are so many "seasons", bow, black powder, rifle, youth, bow again.. I can't wait for it to end.

pacalaga said...

He was coming back to see that you were okay.

elizabeth said...

We went backpacking the weekend before hunting season opened. As we drove to the trailhead, we saw lots of trucks and eventually the sign, "Youth Hunt." Talk about fear!

meresy_g said...

I bet you get a lot of people hunting from New Jersey and New York up there. I was at Cabela's once, in Hamburg, and it was loaded with hunters from NY and NJ just buying every doodad they could get their hands on. 99% looked as if they had never been in the woods in their lives.

Sharon said...

They are hunting the deer here too, and I often here shots, I worry for the animals.

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