Saturday, October 20, 2007

save it

The color of autumn is vivid now...except for the oaks, deliberately waiting to turn. I stand in awe of the color. It is magnificent. It is brilliant. It is...only sugar and acid...leftovers in the leaves....In a few weeks from now, the canopy will be on the ground, the color will be gone, and the forest floor will be brown. I want to save the color.

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I save the seeds. The broccoli has been making nice seed. I will not plant this seed, rather, I will use it for sprouting and eat it over the winter. Broccoli sprouts are yummy.

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The nasturtium seeds are everywhere. The have a faint peppery or pungent odor. I will save them for next years flowers. They need to dry first. I let them sit on the sieve, and roll them around from time to time.

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We went to pick up the fresh hay for the rabbits and chickens. It smelled great. They think so too. Ten bales this year, should take us through.

My husband called me to the garden yesterday evening..."bring the camera!"...he called. I found him with this on his thumb.

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She is full, ready to lay eggs.

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It is another sign, another message, a note from autumn. They are there, and whenever you see them, they are special and you want to save them.


Judy said...

Oh she is pretty. I love finding them in the garden. I need to get more hay...just in case.

Pat K said...

Amazing insect pictures! I have seen several like her around the house in the last week, after not seeing any all summer. One was on the kitchen window watching me do the dishes. Probably the same one that's trying to eat all the ants in the yard. I went through a time in elementary school when I was totally besotted by insects, and traces of that still remain.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful creature. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Fond memories - there was a fall when, walking through the weeds of the field-across-the-way, we found a gall in one tall stalk, which we brought home to share with Mom. We looked at it for a while, and then it wound up in the junk drawer. Several months later, we suddenly had baby praying mantises everywhere.

Leslie said...

I'm saving seeds for the first time this year. It's fun learning how the various plants produce their seeds.

I'm not surprised the nasturtium seeds have a faint peppery odor. Have you tasted nasturtium leaves? Delicious! Peppery or almost horseradishy.

Wanda said...

I occasionally like to toss a handful of nasturtium leaves on a salad to give it a colorful bite.

The mood and pictures of this post wonderfully depict the slowing of autumn, the saving season.

Bare Bones Gardener said...

What a beautiful creature she is.

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