Monday, October 08, 2007

harvesting wool

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A glance to the calendar tells me that it is October. I keep looking at it to remind myself of that, because the weather feels so warm ...and although some of us (grasshoppers) decided to go swimming this past weekend, preparations still need to be made for the coming winter. Harvesting continues, even when it comes to wool!

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Lakota, shown here on my lap, is getting better and better at having her wool harvested..much to my delight! It is an enjoyable experience for both of us, now that she is not so shy and worried. Because of her small size, it takes me less than an hour to clip her. Her coat is not as long as some rabbits that I have owned, but it is thick, and the color is lovely. She has a bit of luster that shows in the guard hairs....

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snip, snip, snip..."what a sweet creature you are to give me such soft warm wool" (I tell her this in a calm low voice...she likes it when you talk to her)..."such silky warm softness... that will be a delight to spin. No scouring carding...just spinning! Thank you Lakota!"

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snip, snip, snip.....


Judy said...

For some reason I think swimming is only from when school lets out until school starts. However, I bet it felt great, wish I would have thought of it! We, too, were grasshoppers and could have used a cooling down after digging potatoes! This weather can't last forever, although I am enjoying it.

pacalaga said...

What does it mean when you say you're grasshoppers?
If you hadn't told me that was a bunny, I'd have had no idea what it was.

cyndy said...

Oh, sorry for the bad photo! I guess the view point is an odd one, and the lighting isn't the best!

When I say "grasshoppers" I am making reference to the old Aesop fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper"....

Wanda said...

Beautiful angora!

The latest I swam in our creek was Oct 6th. I might have continued except my curiosity got the best of me when I could stay in for only a quick down and back before freezing. I rested a thermometer in the water before I stroked away. When I returned it showed 56 degrees. I couldn't bring myself to brave the waters until the following summer.

Grasshopper were all over my yard a couple weeks ago, I wonder if they sensed the early rains coming.

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