Saturday, September 01, 2007

tomatoes, turkeys and sunspots

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The last sink full of tomatoes, thank goodness. It was not my best year for the tomatoes, but we still had a nice harvest. I have canned, frozen and dried them. I was disappointed with the seed I brought from Jung. It was labeled Amish Paste, but it was not the oxheart Amish Paste that I have grown in the past. The Bellstar was an all out winner once again....and the Riesentraube has become a favorite. The Yellow Tangerine looks pretty, but the flavor was nothing to write I don't think I will grow it again.

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The Sunspot Winter Squash is starting to roll in now. When I pick it, it is yellow, but a few days on the windowsill, and it turns a nice dark orange. We have not eaten any of this yet, but the yields are fantastic. This is a nice Kabocha variety that has decided to grow up and over the fence, making it easy to pick! Lots of little sun globes hanging around are very pretty to look at! I would consider growing this again, assuming the taste is as great as the growing habits.

The Turkeys were here early this morning. Just a few of them passing through...makes me wonder if they are poults....


Leslie Shelor said...

Sometimes with a tomato it's all about looks. But it shouldn't be!

Patrick said...

Seed companies that sell hybrid seeds (like Jung), are always bound by marketing agreements not to clearly label which varieties are hybirds or open pollinated (notice they say the Amish Paste tomato is an heirloom, but don't say the seeds they are selling you are). This might be what happened with the Amish Paste tomatoes, perhaps they sold you a hybrid version instead of an heirloom variety you grew before. The only way to always get what you are expecting is to buy from companies that don't sell any hybrid seeds.

Besides, saving tomato seeds is really easy. If you are sure you have heirloom seeds, then you can save some seeds and grow them in a future year. Then you know what you're growing.

I didn't have a good year with tomatoes either. Too much rain and not enough sun!

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