Tuesday, August 28, 2007

shucking husks or husking shucks

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There are some things you wait an entire year to do, like waiting for a favorite holiday. Picking and eating the first sweet corn is like that. Peeling back the layers and seeing the pearly goodness is like opening a gift.

"She's sitting on the back porch, just shucking that corn, that gal's been grinning since the day she was born, she ain't hurting nobody, she ain't hurting no one."- John Prine

My husband has little patience for the way I shuck corn. It takes me a long time. I save each husk. There will be projects that require them. Some of them will become quills for the Great Wheel spindle. Some husks will become bearings for the same wheel. Some of them will become dolls or other things, but all of them will be useful.

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When I was in elementary school, my family once stayed in a large Log Cabin Lodge. The Lodge boasted mattresses made from corn husks. My parents weren't wild about the idea, but I loved it. It was noisy and crunched when you moved. I don't remember if it was comfortable. I think about who shucked all that corn.

Finally I am finished. We steam the sweet corn in a shallow pot of water with a few husks thrown in for flavor. It takes 7 minutes. It is delicious. We will have fresh sweet corn for a few more weeks.

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The tomatoes continue to roll in, and I am working on making exotic wood buttons and some bags that I am constructing from past loom projects. I am felting and embellishing with various bits of beads, wood, shells, feathers etc.


pacalaga said...

My mom made an angel out of corn husks once, and made wreaths almost every year. Down here, though, corn husks are for tamales!

elizabeth said...

Oooh, I'm going to see John Prine in December! I can't wait!

I grew up in Indiana and have shucked many an ear of corn - I think I'll see if there's any available at the farmer's market this weekend.

Pat K said...

Now I will be dreaming of fresh, sweet corn. Something that's not in local supply down here. But I grew up on Michigan corn and could just eat myself sick on it. Loving every sweet kernel.

MollyBeees said...

Yummmmm! Love the bag! Off to go get some corn!

Judy said...

Oh the first ear of corn with butter and s&p is awesome but I still think the first tomato sandwich beats it....and I don't have to wait as long - I am not known for my patience!

Marcy said...

Few things in this world taste better than fresh sweet corn. Mmmmmmmm.

Dawn said...

I can taste corn! .... And your little bag is adorable! You are one busy, busy lady!

Sandra said...

loved your story about sleeping on corn husks. perhaps it was more enticing when you were younger...?
this summer I slept on mattresses of felted wool and slept deeply and well.

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