Monday, May 07, 2007

new arrivals

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The first week in May is usually full of new arrivals, a steady stream of summertime residents. Their color and song enrich the riverrim.

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It was a productive week, full of outside chores. Shall I name a few? Tilled the garden, transplanted the lettuce, planted peas and beets, glads and dahlias and lilies from a friend (thanks Audrey!). Picked the chives and served with boiled potatoes alongside the roasted chicken. Picked the rhubard and served as pie for desert!

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I keep the camera nearby to record the arrivals that I can see. Frequently, one hears the song before one can get a glimpse of the bird. They are all very busy, finding bugs to eat, nectar to drink, and places to set up housekeeping.

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And I even found a little bit of time to take care of some fibery chores. I set the drum carder up on the deck. I like working outside...the vm just blows away on the breeze, and the light is fabulous. I filled another bowl with rovings of Black Finn for the Great Wheel.


judy said...

Is that a view of the river from your deck? Oh my! Great bird shots. No orioles here yet, not that I've heard.

Cathy said...

Nice. Our orioles should arrive soon. The Kingfishers and the Eastern and Western Kingbirds arrived with the swallows last week.

Leslie Shelor said...

There has been a hummingbird visiting the flowers on the porch, and the little sparrows are nipping the fluffy dandelion heads. Swallows soaring around the barn and red winged blackbirds in the field. That's all I see; I'm sure there are many more away from my path too and from work!

Dawn said...

Beautiful! So bright and cheerful ... Spring!

meresy_g said...

We have orioles usually, but I haven't seen them yet. They build a nest every year in the Tulip tree at the back of the house. Lovely birds.

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