Saturday, May 12, 2007

hollywood spinning

Whilst perusing the video bank on YouTube tonight, I found this...btw, why does she need to wrap the spun yarn around the spindle?

and this...(some pretty funky yarn they are spinning)...I wish someone would have consulted with a real spinner before they made this movie!


Sue said...

Yeah, it always bugs me when books and movies show Sleeping Beauty spinning on a FLYER wheel. There's no spindle to prick her finger on! Well, there is, but it's inside the bobbin and not sharp.

That second one is too funny.

Judy said...

Maybe it is because spinning is not considered a talented profession by Hollywood, like when they consult with Drs or lawyers. I bet the same can be said for most of the fiber arts, sadly.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh !!I have laughed watching these two clips, many thanks. Amazing isn't it when you see such gaffs like this in movies etc; its the same when I watch someone knitting on TV , you can always tell if they are knitters or not ;-)

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