Monday, May 21, 2007

8 things

I am hopelessly enamoured with my Great Wheel. My librarian was able to locate Katy Turner's book about the Great Wheel, and I have been devouring it! I made a few adjustments to the position of my wheel and the position of the spindle, and it has made such a big difference! Suddenly, my motions are more fluid, continuous and almost sweeping (as they should be!)

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There is a very good chapter in the book, that deals with building the yarn packages. Apparently, yarn wound in elliptical shapes were the ones that used the quill. I almost always wrap the spindle with a corn husk quill before I start to spin.

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This makes it easy to remove the finished cop, and saves the additional step of having to skein off before a ply.

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I have almost finished spinning the blend of Black Finn and Angora. I am just short of the 625 yards needed for the Jawbreaker Cardigan (Interweave Knits Winter 2006)...but that didn't stop me from starting the project!

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Vanessa tagged me with the 7 Random Things meme....

1. I know the exact measurement of my fingers and feet...and the distance from my elbow to the tip of my middle finger (which happens to be a perfect 17 inches). This way, I always have a method of measuring if I find I don't have a ruler never knows when one may have to measure yarn...
2. When I find a hide-e-hole in a tree, I am tempted to look inside to see if anyone left a treasure in there... I am also tempted to leave treasures in said hole.
3. I am way overdue for a haircut.
4. I would rather wear sneakers than any other shoe.
5. I received my first mosquito bite of the season yesterday whilst eradicating the burdock from the hillside.
6. When I go on a walk I like to find a view where I cannot see any telephone wires or houses, etc. and pretend for a moment that I am living in a different time...
7. I keep two different barometers which I check daily, and I think both of them are broken.

I tag these seven: catena treheima edgeeffect artis-anne littlefish fiberjoy raisingfrolic


Judy said...

I didn't have that issue but did google it and can't wait to see it done. How far did you get?

Margaret said...

Came over from Weekend Whirls and the finn/angora is beautiful! That will be a lovely sweater.

Fiberjoy said...

I'm with you on the phone and utility lines!

Anxious to see your sweater. Did you finish the last yards of spinning?

Thanks for the tag.

Leslie Shelor said...

I love that you are using your wheel! Mine is hiding in the back of the workroom. Thanks for mentioning the Turner book; I'm going in search of it!

Beth S. said...

Your very own Great Wheel! Incredible. Not many people can say they have one of those, and know how to use it, too.

Artis-Anne said...

I saw a Great Wheel for the first time when we went to Wonderwool Wales and I thought it was such a thing of beauty and was fascinated watching the lady spin with it.
Love that Finn Angora blend, should make a beautiful garment.
I too agree re phone wires etc and I am way overdue for a haircut. I have already done this tag , in fact I did it under my last post hoping it would get passed by most readers,as I did rant a bit ;O

cyndy said...

Thanks Anne! We posted it on the same day!

Hi Beth! The wheel was a gift--and couldn't let it just sit there.
Thank goodness I found someone who could restore it, so I could spin on it!

Leslie- I hope your wheel is in good shape so that you can spin on it. Some of them are so old and fragile. The Turner book advises allowing them to become heirlooms and spinning on a contemporary model. I was fortunate that mine was not warped- however- I had a new axel and minors head fashioned and a spindle made for it. I have the original parts and a certificate stating what was done so as not to devalue the worth of the "antique".

Fiberjoy- oh, those last few yards of spinnng are still in the wool basket waiting!

Hi Margaret- Thanks for coming over! The blend is super soft too!

Judy- I am almost finished the back...past the armholes, but not yet to the neckline...

petra said...

Hi! I have had a great wheel for several months now, having spun on a charkha before, so I've adjusted to the dance quite nicely. loving it. I also have three extra old miner (minor)'s heads from a dissasemble wheel we found in an old house we bought in Newfoundland, so you're welcome to have one if you like. I am desperate to understand how to ply. How did you rig up your drive band to spin the opposite way... did you cross the band over from the miners head to the spindle? Also,I have had trouble placing quills on that don't spin on the spindle or want to slide off. do you wrap the husk lengthwise? help! thanks!

cyndy said...

Hi Petra,

Congratulations on your Great Wheel!

Would love to have one of those old acceleration heads!

You are correct about dropping and crossing and then adjust tension and re-string the drive band for plying.
You may use a lazy kate to hold your cops...or simply wind two yarn balls from your singles and keep them in your apron pocket as you ply.

As for the corn husk start rolling onto the spindle from the base of the corn husk, and roll to the tip. You will have better success if you soak your quill in glycerin first..or at least moisten the quill so it is not so dry. A flexible husk works much better than a dry and brittle one.

Hope this helps!


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