Sunday, April 01, 2007

sunday spinning

I have a lot of this:

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This is Farmer Dave's special blend.It was given to me some time ago, but it has just been sitting around waiting to become something. It is somewhat uninteresting to spin plain white wool, but it gives you lots of time to get up close and personal with the wool, and listen to it tell you what it wants to become. This wool isn't bad. But it isn't the finest fiber either. It has some VM or vegetable matter in it. As I am spinning it, I notice that it isn't especially soft. I won't use it to make anything that will be worn next to the skin.

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I think I just heard it tell me that it wants to be woven and not knit with...something about a handbag maybe...and it wants a dye bath, definately wants to take a bath...and it reminds me that I have those Cushing Dyes that I have not had time to use yet.

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Yup, sometimes you just have to listen to the wool. For more details on this wool, head over to The Weekend Whirls can use the link button on my sidebar.

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Judy said...

FYI...Farmer Dave's doesn't felt. I worked so hard today and messed my hands up so bad, I doubt I will be able to spin. You have told me how many times to wear gloves?

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